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WIA Approved National Certified Bookkeeper (CB)

The Certified Bookkeeper designation assures the level of knowledge and skill necessary for the completion of key tasks through the adjusted trial balance for firms up to 100 employees. The certification proves to employers that the bookkeeper has the ability to make the end-of-period adjustments, perform monthly bank reconciliation, do basic payroll, compute and record depreciation, record inventory, and install internal controls to protect company assets. Recipients of the CB designation have reported the benefits of certification to include increased self-confidence, wider range of knowledge, increased professional pride, and an enhanced self-image.

National Certified Bookkeeper (Click to see when this course is offered)

Whether you have limited bookkeeping experience or several years under your belt, there’s always time to become certified. The Certified Bookkeeper (CB) designation, awarded by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, demonstrates an individual’s skills and knowledge in all bookkeeping functions. This program prepares students for the six-part CB exam. This program prepares students to take the Certified Bookkeeping (CB) exam through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. Students are required to take an exam after the completion of each topic:

Exam 1
Topics include: Adjusting Entries and Error Correction
*Taken at the Prometric Testing Center
Exam 2
Topics include: Payroll and Depreciation
*Taken at the Prometric Testing Center
Exam 3
Topics include: Mastering Inventory, Internal Controls, and Fraud Prevention
*Taken in class as an open-workbook test

The questions on each exam are multiple-choice. The passing score for each exam at Parametric is 75%. For the open-workbook test, the passing score is 70%. A student who gets a lower grade can schedule a retest.
Experience Requirement for Certification: Students must receive at least 2 years' full-time experience (or the part-time or freelance equivalent), which may be obtained before or after passing the examination.