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Alumni Photo

2013 Alumni Hall of Fame Gala

2013 Gala Program


The HCC Foundation held its 5th Annual Alumni Hall of Fame Gala on Saturday, November 16, 2013. The guest speaker for the evening was Adam Steltzner, Lead Landing Engineer of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Project. Inductees for 2013 were Deloris Dail Curtis and Leona May.


Adam Steltzner
Adam Steltzner, Guest Speaker at the 2013 Alumni Hall of Fame Gala

Christopher Carollo, Executive Director of HCC Foundation, with
inductees Leona May and Deloris Curtis, and HCC President Anitia Gliniecki

Guest Speaker Adam Steltzner joined by Kevin Russo, Emcee for the evening
and former inductee of the Alumni Hall of Fame, Jill Clark, and Dan Wisnesk

Gala attendees
Christopher Carollo, Ken Lisk, Kevin Russo, President Gliniecki, Dan Wisneski,
Barbara Johnson, and Christopher McCormack

HCC Administration
HCC President Gliniecki with (from left) Dean Elizabeth Roop,
Dean Avis Hendrickson, and Dean Denise Bukovan

Cepea Burton
Cepea Burton, Foundation Scholarship Recipient, Class of 2013