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Emerging Opportunities – Competing in a “Flat World”

Paul Timpanelli“In today’s business environment, those companies and industries that are able to compete globally will be the ones that achieve the highest levels of long-term success. To do that, they must equip themselves with a progressive management and a well educated workforce that is receptive to retraining and committed to continued professional development. The Greater Bridgeport business community is fortunate to have Housatonic Comm-unity College as a willing and able partner in developing the advanced programs we need to stay professionally and technologically in step with the times.”

Paul Timpanelli
President & CEO, Bridgeport Regional Business Council

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Housatonic Community College is committed to partnering with the Greater Bridgeport business community in ensuring the education and vailability of a qualified workforce to meet their immediate and ongoing employment needs. HCC is further committed to helping these employers ready themselves for competition in the global economy.

Traditionally, however, the allocation of research and development funds that are intrinsic to business operations are not standard practice in the community college environment. New program development is usually dependent on grant funds which often can delay or limit the development of new offerings.

This initiative is designed to remedy that by providing the seed money necessary for HCC to develop credit or non-credit courses to meet specific business or industry needs for the education or retraining of their workforce, thereby enabling those employers to sustain their operations and take advantage of emerging trends and commercial opportunities as they arise. Collaborations of this kind clearly demonstrate how academic and business leaders can work together to ensure long-term economic success for the community.

Campaign Goal: $100,000

Impact on the College and the Community:

  • Creates a flexible and immediate response to industry and education needs.
  • Leverages current resources within the College to improve or add-on to existing programs.
  • Shortens the response time frame to meet students’ and/or industries’ specialized needs.
  • Enhances student success in the workforce by providing them with training in state-of-the-art programs.

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