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Middle College/Bridges Program – Preparing for Academic Achievement

Andrew Boas

“The Middle College Pilot Program is one of the most important programs Charter Oak supports. We believe that in order to level the playing field and ensure success in life, students must be prepared for a rigorous college education. The MCPP at Housatonic provides Bridgeport public school students the opportunity to experience college level courses in a nurturing environment. We heartily applaud the efforts of the teachers and administrators from HCC, Bassick and Harding High Schools for creating a model of excellence for students who sorely need this enrichment.”

Andrew Boas
President of Charter Oak Challenge Foundation

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This initiative will support programs Housatonic Community College already has in place to increase the number of high school graduates who are “college-ready.”

Initiated last year, the Middle College Pilot Program addresses the serious problems faced by high school students who enter Housatonic community College with academic deficiencies that severely limit and often prevent their academic achievement. HCC instructors partner with high school teachers and work with the students through a year-long program that improves their basic skills in math and English and provides supplemental instruction on site at HCC. This initiative better prepares the students for higher level courses in math and science, and familiarizes them with the college environment even before their graduation from high school.

HCC’s Bridges Program works directly with the principals, counselors and teachers at local high schools and provides summer and vacation programs to improve students’ college readiness. On-going activities that include seminars, workshops, pre-requisite courses needed for college-level work and independent study skills are presented to students within the program.

Campaign Goal: $200,000

Impact on the College and the Community:

  • More students will be better prepared to utilize the resources available at HCC and pursue more advanced courses of study in math and science.
  • Students will complete degree requirements in a timely manner and shorten their transition to the workforce.
  • Students will not deplete their financial aid support before reaching their academic goals.
  • College retention rates will improve and will lead to an improved graduation rate and a better trained workforce for the industries and professions that need highly trained and skilled individuals with mathematical and scientific expertise.
  • Resources spent on remedial course work will be redirected to advanced programs.

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