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Pathways To Success...
Building a Strong Community Through Education

Campaign Overview

 Serving Our Community

 Measuring Our Succes

 Looking to the Future

 The Need for Private Support

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Serving Our Community

Housatonic Community College has served over 70,000 men and women and graduated more than 8,000 students since its first graduation ceremony in 1967 as an independent academic institution.

HCC’s students come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them equally diverse aspirations. High school graduates can take a wide range of classes and programs that prepare them for excellent starts in business and industry upon graduation. Other students, anticipating transfer to four-year institutions, can complete introductory courses in smaller classes where they receive high levels of personal attention, encouragement and support from faculty who have dedicated their careers to the educational process.

For the adult student, Housatonic Community College provides opportunities for personal growth, job skills enhancement or a chance to begin a new career. For those who already possess bachelors degrees or higher, HCC offers the opportunity for additional learning. For the local business community, Housatonic provides customized employee training and professional development opportunities to boost organizational productivity or morale, or to fill the need for future employees with specialized training.

Measuring Our Success

  • Housatonic Community College has transfer agreements with a variety of four-year public and private institutions. HCC graduates have continued their education at a wide range of prestigious colleges and universities including Fairfield University, New York University, Syracuse University, the University of Connecticut, Yale, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia, Smith College, Wesleyan and many others.
  • Housatonic Community College graduates are represented in all employment sectors in fields such as accounting, child care, criminal justice, education, health care, business, science and the public and social service sectors.
  • A 2004 report prepared by CCBenefits, Inc. determined that Housatonic Community College contributes $179,900,000 in earnings annually to the regional economy.
  • Students at Housatonic Community College earn an additional $4,408 per year over their life time for every year they attend college full time.
  • The Housatonic Museum of Art has assembled one of the most significant art collections of any two-year college in the United States. On display and open to the public, this $11 million collection includes works by master artists Rodin, Picasso, Matisse, Miro and Chagall, among others. With more than 10,000 people visiting the Museum each year, it continues to be recognized as a major cultural resource for the Greater Bridgeport region.

Looking to the Future

As the community continues to grow and the needs of students evolve, it is necessary for Housatonic Community College to determine how to best fulfill its mission as a unique educational resource for the region in the future. After thoughtful evaluation, it becomes clear that three priority areas must be addressed if HCC is to succeed in the years ahead:

Student Success: Housatonic Community College is dedicated to providing students with access to and success in a college environment that provides effective instruction. Last year the College launched a major study to determine the types of support programs our students need to overcome the academic hurdles they may face. Our efforts in this area, combined with the fact that HCC maintains an excellent teaching faculty and a highly-skilled administrative support staff, demonstrates our continuing commitment to elevating the level of academic achievement made possible at HCC.

State-of-the-art Facilities: The College has begun construction on a much anticipated campus expansion that will almost double its size. The new structure will be the result of a complete rehab of the former Sears building and the construction of an additional 20,000 square feet of new space. This expansion project will add more than 170,000 square feet to the campus, will significantly expand HCC’s instructional and community space and will enable HCC to accommodate approximately 5,500 students, compared to the College’s
previous high of 4,700. The project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2008.

A Vibrant Community: As Evan S. Dobell, president and CEO of the New England Board of Higher Education and publisher of Connection states so aptly, “The health of any city - or for that matter, any state or region - depends, in turn, upon the educational attainment of its residents.” HCC seeks to increase the college going rate and provide the courses and programs that will help ensure an educated workforce for Southeastern Connecticut.

In determining how to achieve the greatest level of success in these three areas, the College has identified five specific initiatives that must be strategically and financially supported through the “Pathways to Success” campaign. They include program enhancements to increase graduation and transfer rates as well as successful career placement; new program development to increase the numbers of “college ready” high school graduates; to increase scholarship support; seed money to meet the emerging needs of business or industry for job training or education; and conservation and exhibit support for the Housatonic Museum of Art’s prized art collection.

The Need for Private Support

Housatonic Community College is committed to access and affordability, which precludes substantive tuition and fee increases. That is why the College must turn to private support to fund the “Pathways to Success” campaign. Financial support from the community will enable HCC to fully address each of the initiatives and thereby provide the programs and services our community needs to grow and prosper.


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