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Scholarships – Providing Access

Barbara & Carl Johnson

“At HCC, scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate need, to others who demonstrate academic excellence, and often, to students who demonstrate both. What they all have in common is the knowledge that people believe in them – people in the community and people at the College who are willing to provide the financial assistance these students need to move forward on their individual paths to personal growth, fulfillment and success. We’re proud to be among the people that support their dreams and accomplishments.”

Barbara Johnson
HCC Foundation Board President and parent of an HCC graduate with her husband, Carl Johnson

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Although tuition at Housatonic Community College continues to be quite reasonable in today’s educational environment, the cost is sometimes still too much to pay for a young person desiring a solid education and a chance at success. Last year nearly 42% of our student population received federal financial aid. After this financial aid was allocated, students still had an unmet need of $744,731 to pay for tuition, fees and books. The remaining 58% of the students depended on their own personal resources – which were often quite limited, to cover their educational costs.
This initiative seeks funding for current and endowed scholarships to help eliminate financial barriers and ensure that deserving Housatonic students have the opportunity to obtain the education and training they need.

Funding also will increase scholarship support that recognizes academic excellence and will increase award incentives to support students who successfully complete an associates degree and wish to continue their education at four-year academic institutions. Support for this initiative helps to ensure that scholarships are available to more students and that the scholarship program itself will be sustained into the future.

Campaign Goal: $200,000

Impact on the College and the Community:

  • Supplement our current scholarship program and allows us the opportunity to provide financial assistance to an increased number of deserving students.
  • Provides access to students who do not have the financial resources to pay for
    an education.
  • Sustains our student enrollment, which moves students into the labor force
    or into four-year transfer institutions sooner.
  • Contributes to the development of a well-trained work force.
  • Establishes additional incentives for students to achieve academic excellence and helps them avoid significant debt before completing their education.

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