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Pathways To Success...
Building a Strong Community Through Education

Student Success – Fostering an Educated Community

John Klein

“Well-developed language and math skills are the keys to success in education, in the workplace, and in life itself. HCC’s initiatives to provide tutoring, mentoring and specialized programs to encourage student proficiency in these areas is of great and lasting value to the community. For as the educational level of the community rises, so does its potential for economic growth and prosperity.”

John Klein
Chairman & CEO, People’s Bank

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The Student Success initiative will focus on those barriers or missed opportunities that can prevent students from reaching their academic goals, and address the issues of graduation rates, transfer opportunities and successful career placement for HCC students.

Student Success funds will go toward expanded tutoring services, a mentoring program, and career planning and placement services. A new language lab complex will provide language development in both English and foreign languages. A self-paced math lab will be created to improve student proficiency at all levels of mathematics. And finally, the College will augment its current honors program to encourage and support exceptional achievement.

Campaign Goal: $400,000

Impact on the College and the Community:

  • Provides an educated workforce that is essential for economic growth.
  • Increases the College’s graduation rates and enhances the quality of life for
    students and their families through successful career placement.
  • Addresses the increased need for language development for successful assimilation into the workforce.
  • Increases the opportunities for students to transfer to competitive four-year
  • Addresses the industry-wide need for employees with superior mathematical skills.
  • Provides well-trained individuals who can contribute to our economy.

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