Institutional Research

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The HCC Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) collects and maintains data about the college, its students, and staff and faculty. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness reports to the Office of the President.

Vision Statement

The HCC OIE will transform institutional data into a rich body of strategic intelligence that is accessible and useful to decision-makers. The office will promote a culture of assessment, providing the basis for continuous improvement throughout the college.

Mission Statement

The HCC OIE supports the mission and goals of the college and of the state of Connecticut by collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. The office strives to provide high quality, timely, useful, and user-friendly information and analysis services to support college and departmental planning, decision-making, and accreditation activities, while coordinating the fulfillment of reporting requirements of external agencies and organizations. The office also provides leadership to help integrate research and planning into college departments and programs. In all of its endeavors, the office adheres to the AIR Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

Janice Schaeffler, Director of Institutional Research, (203) 332- 5220
Phyllis Fitzpatrick, Research Specialist, (203) 332- 5171
Catherine Velez, Research Assistant, (203) 332- 5171
Karen Vo, Research Assistant, (203) 332- 5171