Institutional Research


When collecting, analyzing and presenting data, the staff of the HCC OIR strives to:

  • apply statistical principles appropriately
  • present data in clear, easily understandable formats
  • provide context, to foster complete understanding
  • avoid oversimplification of complex issues.

In all of our activities, we strive to be:

  • responsive to the needs of HCC students, staff and faculty
  • ethical in our use of data
  • collegial in our relationships
  • efficient in our operations
  • respectful of student, staff and faculty privacy.

Janice Schaeffler, Director of Institutional Research, (203) 332- 5220
Phyllis Fitzpatrick, Research Specialist, (203) 332- 5171
Catherine Velez, Research Assistant, (203) 332- 5171
Karen Vo, Research Assistant, (203) 332- 5171