Getting Started As A New Leader

It's an exciting day in the workplace when an individual is recognized for their outstanding performance and rewarded with a promotion to the leadership ranks. Unfortunately that stellar individual contributor isn't magically transformed into a successful frontline leader overnight.

This course arms new leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to confront the challenges associated with getting their footing—and getting RESULTS more quickly—in their new leadership role. They learn how to focus their time and efforts on tasks that are most important to the organization's success. New leaders learn an approach that will accelerate their ability to achieve RESULTS through others.

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Does it take leaders too long to make the transition from individual contributor to leader?
  • Are new leaders overwhelmed by the higher-level responsibilities they now have?
  • Do leaders fail to help their team members understand how their work contributes to the organizations success?
  • Do leaders struggle with the transition from "buddy" to "boss" when they are promoted?

Course Objectives:

Helps participants:

  • Quickly and effectively achieve RESULTS in their new role as a leader.
  • Focus their time and efforts on high-priority tasks.
  • Effectively lead their teams to contribute to the organization's business strategies.
  • Achieve RESULTS through others by building strong relationships with team members.

Primary Competencies Developed

  • Building Trust
  • Inspiring Others

Secondary Competency Developed

  • Planning and Organizing

Course Content:

  • Then and Now: Transitions: A senior manager or HR representative welcomes learners and acknowledges their new role in the organization. Optional activities: Learners discuss things they said they would never do/always do if they were a leader. They explore the transition from individual contributor to leader.
  • What's Important: Learners identify the key business strategies that their team can have the biggest impact on. Participants use a tool to help them identify what they need to know in order to focus their team's efforts on the right priorities.
  • Be Authentic: Learners are introduced to three Leadership Accelerators, which comprise an approach to accomplishing RESULTS through others. Learners explore the Be Authentic accelerator and discuss how to handle a situation involving confidentiality.
  • Bring Out the Best in People: A team presents the Bring Out the Best in People accelerator. Learners complete a quick assessment of their team members' skills.
  • Be Receptive to Feedback: Learners explore the Be Receptive to Feedback accelerator. A video depicts a leader reacting differently to the same difficult feedback. Learners discuss ways to handle and act on feedback.
  • Putting It Together: A video depicts the leaders team members discussing the leaders performance. Leaders explore how to apply the accelerators in situations involving changing relationships, especially when managing former peers.
  • Close: Learners are introduced to the Leadership Imperatives, critical skills for an effective leader. Participants identify potential leadership strengths and development opportunities. A booklet provides tips for the Leadership Accelerators and Imperatives. Learners discuss legacies and complete their Strategy Map.

Who Should Attend:

  • New and first-time frontline leaders.