Harnessing the Power of Conflict

Destructive conflict can be one of the most debilitating dynamics operating in a productive work environment. With some breakthrough technology, this seminar uncovers the emotional and irrational elements of interpersonal, intergroup, and organizational conflict. This seminar introduces you to practical means for de-escalating conflict through third-party peacemaking and principal negotiation. Gain confidence in using proven skills to step into highly charged situations and redirect destructive conflict to constructive outcomes for participants.

Course Benefits:

Program participants will gain:
  • An understanding of the emotional and irrational dynamics of conflict
  • Methods  or analyzing the stage of conflict
  • Skill in using third party peacemaking methods
  • Skill in using principal negotiation to turn conflict to constructive results

Course Objectives:

  • Diagnose true cause of conflict
  • Wade through emotional and irrational elements of conflicts with confidence
  • Use de-escalation techniques
  • Bring conflicting parties together to resolve destructive conflicts
  • Initiate principal negotiation

Course Content:

  • The A-B-Cs of conflict
  • Latent organizational factors that trigger conflict
  • The stages of individual, intergroup, and organizational conflict
  • Techniques for de-escalating conflict
  • Practice analyzing a conflict case
  • Practice a third party peacemaking

Who Should Attend:

  • Middle and general managers, Human Resource executives