Handling and Resolving Grievances Now

There is a cathartic effect to complaining. However, grievances can be, and usually are, more substantial than simply letting off steam. In a collective bargaining arena, the grievance process is integral to the appropriate functioning of labor and management. This program conveys the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by labor and management representatives to address issues in ways that reduce the likelihood of grievances, or increase the likelihood of early settlement.

Course Benefits:

Program participants will gain:
  • Examination tools for effective grievance investigation
  • Understanding of roles the parties play in the grievance process
  • Historical perspective for grievances
  • Insight into the objective and subjective arbitration arena

Course Content:

  • Definition, nature and frequency of grievances
  • Memoranda/letters of understanding
  • How the labor relations and union professional fits into the grievance process
  • The operations supervisor's role
  • Grievance investigation
  • Arbitration:  openings and closings
  • Case studies