Designing Successful Corporate Presentations

Communicating ideas, plans, and proposals to top management and customers is a critical skill in today's competitive environment. This seminar provides the tools to develop successful business presentations without starting over every time. Let us share with you this highly effective methodology.

Course Benefits:

Program participants will gain:
  • The ability to design effective presentations
  • An understanding of the parts of the presentation and how each one contributes to the success of the presentation
  • Improved platform skills

Course Objectives:

  • Generate an effective message
  • Build a presentation structure using key points
  • Develop strategies for presentation
  • Use the storyboard process effectively
  • Employ visual aids for maximum impact

Course Content:

  • Setting up presentation design process
  • Developing effective and memorable openings
  • Crafting content outlines
  • Framing presentations
  • Scripting main context frames
  • Storyboarding presentations
  • Gaining closure on presentation objectives
  • Effectively summarizing and closing with impact
  • Improving platform skills through various methods and techniques

Who Should Attend:

  • Sales and marketing staff
  • Executive and middle management