High-Performance Negotiation

Believe it or not, we are all negotiators. You discuss pay increase with your boss, you try and reach an agreement on the price of a house with a seller, and you negotiate with your spouse on where to go on vacation. More and more people want participation in the decisions that affect them, and therefore, want all, most, or some of their interests met by the other parties involved. Everyone wants to win, but few people in their professional or personal lives are comfortable or skillful at negotiation. In this two-day program, participants will learn and practice skills in the art of Mutual Gains Negotiations."

Course Benefits:

Program participants will gain the skills to:
  • Transfer skills learned in the classroom to personal and business affairs
  • Reaching satisfying agreements to all parties
  • Reach agreements efficiently
  • End negotiations positively so that relationships are improved

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the differences between positional bargaining and joint problem-solving
  • Discover the true interest behind each party's position
  • Create options that achieve mutual gain between the parties
  • Use independent standards to break deadlocks
  • Develop a best alternative to negotiate agreements

Course Content:

  • Creating a climate for favorable results
  • Recognizing your own "hot buttons" and how to avoid them
  • Making offers and counter offers
  • Countering tactics using negotiation
  • Resolving disputes using negotiation jujitsu
  • Resolving conflict in a win-win manner
  • Bringing opponents to their senses without bringing them to their knees
  • Building a "Golden Bridge" the opponents can't help but cross to your side

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone/li>