Conducting Briefings For Results

Briefings should generate audience response in a direct, involving way. Participants will learn briefing techniques and formats that can be applied to current projects. Methods for generating audience response and involvement will be explored. Emphasis on projecting clear, concise reports will be included as integral to briefing success.

Course Benefits:

Program participants will gain:

  • The ability to design a briefing including objectives, purpose and intent
  • Techniques for regulating audience interaction
  • Proficiency in using various formats, techniques and methods

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate briefing techniques including pre-briefing, audience analysis, identifying objectives, shading attendee expectations and selecting the successful briefing structure
  • Define open issues, recognize their importance and close them successfully

Course Content:

  • Crafting the briefing agenda
  • Indentifying specific objectives
  • Positioning briefing purposes and intent
  • Minimizing interruptions during critical briefing components
  • Determining when group involvement is a successful strategy
  • Implementing formats and techniques that complement specific project or audiences
  • Methods that project the message clearly and concisely

Who Should Attend:

  • Sales and marketing staff
  • Executive and middle management