Strategic Solutions Group

HCC Strategic Solutions Group’s Advantages
Tailoring training to your specific organizational needs.

Consider seven reasons why SSG can deliver the optimum business solution for your organizational challenges:

Needs Assessments
1. Flexible
No two training assignments are identical; neither should their training. Each assignment needs to be designed to meet specific content requirements, budget, and timing. Our programs can, to a certain extent, be expanded or contracted to achieve your goals.
Gap Analysis
2. Proven Results
Our content experts are vetted and audited for each program they deliver. Based on their outstanding evaluations, they continue to deliver training for our clients.
Application Driven
3. Application Driven
Unlike typical “how to” packaged training, our programs can advance staff work in progress. This permits principles, concepts and best practices directly applied to your unique situation, making program assignments meaningful and relevant to your operations.
Tailored To Your Needs
4. Tailored To Your Needs
Each SGG program is adapted to address the specific performance outcomes you wish to strengthen. Identified during our initial assessment, they are integrated within the content expert’s training plan.
Timely Content
5. Timely Content
Applications, best practices, toolsets and techniques are drawn from current industry and professional protocols. They are contemporary and proven.
6. Adaptable
Whether conducted at your facility, on HCC’s campus, or at any other location, we are able to respond to your requirements and deliver on the objectives your unique situation requires.
Value-Driven Pricing
7. Value-Driven Pricing
We are highly sensitized to working lean and smart. We continuously strive to make our programs highly affordable while delivering the highest value in delivery performance and relevant content.