Strategic Solutions Group

Our Process...
Begins by listening to your challenges.
We follow that with a thorough needs assessment as well as a process that maps and tracks the training process from start to finish.

Our 8-step process applies the training expertise our staff brings to bear on every assignment. We strive to:

business people 1. Understand Your Unique Challenge
Conducting as extensive a needs assessment of your workforce requirements, as the assignment requires, to optimize the engagement for your staff.

2. Design Effective Solutions
Building on the findings from our initial discussions. We construct the training experience to meet your organizational challenges. We actively seek your work-in-progress assignments and factor them into the training as program examples.

3. Specify the Right Content Expert
Selecting from our trainers the right professional for your assignment. Our rigorous specification assures you that training promised is performance delivered.

solutions 4. Manage the Training Service
Serving as a turn-key operation, SSG’s program management team coordinates all aspects of the training process, assuring that your program is executed expeditiously, professionally, and efficiently.

5. Assess Participant Learning
Asking the critical questions, our program evaluations measure the learning achievement of all program participants. At your request, pre-and-post-metrics gage the level of understanding of your participants and provide a measure of your ROI for the training investment.

6. Audit Program Effectiveness
Gauging the total training experience, our 3-phase audit—course materials, content expert, and instructional environment—assesses all participants’ evaluation of the program. It is also used as a metric with continuous improvement top of mind for SSG.

check 7. Verify Customer Expectations
Actively seeking your feedback of how we have delivered, SSG conducts a post-training review with you to compare delivery with your expectations for the program.

8. Offer Recommendations, often additional organizational challenges surface during the course of training, pointing to other workforce issues in play. As they arise, we offer recommendations for your consideration.