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ESL - English as a Second Language

From the 2016-2017 Catalog

English as a Second Language

Housatonic Community College offers a six-semester sequence of English as a Second Language courses designed to accommodate the needs of non-native speakers of English at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of proficiency. Placement in each level is based upon the results of an ESL interview and reading and writing evaluation.

The six-hour courses are intensive and stress the development of listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing skills to help students gain confidence and proficiency in the use of English to succeed in academic and career programs. Students entering the lowest level, ESL* E010, Combined Skills I, should have some experience speaking and writing English before enrolling at the college. Students must demonstrate mastery of skills before progressing to the next level. After successful completion of the ESL sequence, students progress to ENG* 094 or ENG* 101.

Language Labs

A totally digital multimedia learning lab system is available for students taking courses in a wide variety of languages including English as a Second Language. Two Language Lab classrooms are available in Beacon Hall. These rooms are equipped to provide both classroom and laboratory practice space for students.

For more information on courses visit the Course Description page. For more information on the Advanced English Proficiency Certificate visit the program page.