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1. Associates Degree

  • CCNP
  • St. Vincent’s College

2. Bachelors Degree

  • SCSU
  • Fairfield U.
  • Sacred Heart
  • Quinnipiac U.
  • University of Bridgeport (Fall 2016?)
  • University of St. Joseph
  • WCSU 

3. RN to BSN

  • SCSU (online)
  • Fairfield U.
  • Goodwin College
  • Univ. of St. Joseph
  • Sacred Heart University (online)
  • University of Hartford
  • WCSU (in Waterbury, NVCC campus)
  • St. Vincent’s College (online)
  • Quinnipiac U.
  • University of Bridgeport (Fall 2016?) 

4. RN for college graduates

  • CEIN/BS Program through UCONN – 1 year, outcome is BSN
  • ACE (accelerated career entry) through SCSU – 1 year, outcome is BSN
  • Fairfield U.  – 15 mo, outcome is BSN
  • U. of Hartford
  • U. of St. Joseph
  • Quinnipiac – 12 mo, outcome is BSN

5. SCSU Bridge Program

For RN with 4-yr degree in non-nursing field – to verify BSN content competency in order to enter MSN program

6. RN to MSN (no 4-year degree of any kind)

  • Sacred Heart: RN to MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Leader, and Patient Care Services Administration.  BSN is obtained in program, then student continues into master’s level courses.
  • UCONN: BSN is obtained in program first.

7. Graduate Level (MSN, DNP)

  • SCSU: MSN in Nursing Education, Family Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Leader
  • Fairfield U: MSN in Clinical Nurse Leader, Family Nurse Practitioner, Healthcare Management, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist
  • Fairfield U: Doctor of Nursing Practice (Sept. 2010)
  • UCONN: Doctor of Nursing Practice, Masters in Clinical Nurse Leader, Pt. Care Services, Adult Acute Care, Adult Primary Care, Neonatal Acute Care
  • Quinnipiac: Family Nurse Practitioner, Adult Nurse Practitioner
  • Sacred Heart: Doctor of Nursing Practice, MSN: Clinical Nurse Leader (online), Family Nurse Practitioner, Pt. Care Services Administrator, Nursing Educator (online)
  • WCSU: MSN in Adult Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Specialist