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ESL* E160  - Combined Skills VI
(Previously: ESL 122)

Credits: 6 Elective Code: H

Prerequisite: ESL placement test or ESL* E150

Helps advanced ESL students expand and refine their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills for more effective communications in college and career settings. Students read non-fiction and fiction relating to North American culture and other subjects, discuss readings in small groups, then respond to readings by writing essays, summaries and reports. Students listen to taped lectures, dialogues and narratives from radio and television, and present oral reports and debates on selected topics. Activities focus on developing fluency, clarity and correctness of expression. Two hours of laboratory/tutorial practice required per week.

Intermediate and Advanced ESL courses carry foreign language credit. Up to 12 ESL credits may be used to fulfill foreign language/humanities or open elective graduation requirements.