Housatonic Community College  Course Selection Guide for 2014-2015
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Program Entry Date
Placement Assessment:
MAT* E095I ___ ENG* E092I_____ ENG* E094I DS E099_____
MAT* E095__ ENG* 092 _____
(ENG* 073)
ENG* E094_____
(ENG* E043)
Program Requirements :

Course Number
(Previous No.)

Course Title
Freshman Year
ENG* E101 (EN 101) Composition

HIS* E101 (HI 103)
or HIS* E102
Western Civilization I

BIO* E121 (BI 121) General Biology I

ENG* E102 (EN 102) Literature & Composition

PSY* E111 (PY 101) General Psychology I

COM* E173 (CM 201) Public Speaking

Social Science 3 Elective

Sophomore Year
HIS* E201 (HI 201)
or HIS* E202
U.S. History I

ECE* E215 (ECE 105) The Exceptional Learner

EDU* E 201 * Foundations in Education

Fine Arts 2 Elective

Courses in the Option
Foreign Language Requirement 4
0 - 6

Content Area by Specialization (see footnote)
16 - 20

Prerequisites/Restricted Electives (see footnote)
0 - 7

Total Credits
50 - 67

Note: The agreement states that students must have a 2.7 G.P.A. , pass the state-mandated skills examination (PRAXIS I) and must complete an interview process prior to being admitted into the SCSU school of education. Students should consult with a faculty advisor regarding other specifics of this agreement.
Note: Students should consult with their department advisor prior to selecting any courses for transfer.
1 English Literature: except ENG* E214, ENG* E233 or ENG* E281
2 Fine Arts Elective: Choose from ART* E101, ART* E102, ART* E103 or MUS* E101
3 Social Science Elective: Choose from ECN* E101, ECN* E102, GEO* E111, POL* E101 or POL*E 111
4 Foreign Language Elective: Choose from FRE/ITA/SPA 102 or higher.
Note: Foreign language requirement may be satisfied by any of the following:

  1. successful completion of the third level of high school foreign language (0 credits)
  2. 1 to 2 years of high school foreign language followed by successful completion of college level elementary foreign language II (3 credits) or
  3. successful completion of college level elementary foreign language I and II (6 credits)

* Note: Until the course is offered at HCC it can be taken at SCSU as EDU 201
Content Area by Specialization:
Biology Specialization: BIO* E122, BIO* E235, CHE* E121, CHE* E122 , MAT* E254
Chemistry Specialization: CHE* E121, CHE* E122, CHE* E211, CHE* E212, MAT* E254, ( PHY* E 221 and PHY* E 222 can be substituted for CHE* E 211 and CHE* E 212 if the course is not offered at HCC)
English Specialization: ENG* E233, ENG* E281, Science Elective **, Math Elective ***, FRE/ITS/SPA 102 or higher
Foreign Language Specialization: SPA* E201, SPA* E202, SPA* E251, SPA* E252, Science Elective**, Math Elective ***
Mathematics Specialization: MAT* E254, MAT* E256, MAT* E268, Science Elective**, CSC* E223
Physics Specialization: PHY* E221, PHY* E222, CHE* E121, MAT* E254, MAT* E256
** Science Elective: CHE* E111, CHE* E121, PHY* E121 or PHY* E221
*** Math Elective: MAT* E167 or MAT* E254

Pre-requisites/Restricted Electives:
Biology Specialization: (choose 0-1) PHY* E121 or PHY* E221
Chemistry Specialization: (choose 0-1) MAT* E256
English Specialization: (choose 1-2) Open electives
Foreign Language Specialization: (choose 1) Open elective, second language recommended.
Mathematics Specialization: (choose 0- 1) CSC* E205
Physics Specialization: (choose 0-1) CHE* E122

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