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 Housatonic Museum of Art DISPLAY POLICY

  1. The HMA Art Collection will be strategically placed throughout the campus in prominent locations to benefit a wide range of staff, students and visitors to the college and to ensure the effective management of the collection.


  1. Requests for artworks to be displayed in individual offices will be evaluated against exposure of the collection to the maximum benefit of the University community. Those eligible to have works displayed in their offices will include, but are not limited to the President, Deans, Chairs of Departments and Division heads and Academic Support areas.
  1. Priority for the display of artworks in areas other than individual offices will be given to high profile public spaces, including lecture halls, theaters, meeting rooms and foyers, subject to:
    • adequate security
    • lighting
    • climate conditions, and at the discretion of the Director of the Housatonic Museum of Art (“Director”)
  1. Artworks currently on loan outside these criteria may be recalled by the Director and reinstalled according to the new criteria.
  1. The following conditions apply to the display of artworks from the HMA collection:
    • The loan of an artwork shall be for a period of one year, unless otherwise determined with the Director.
    • Paper pieces will be on loan for 6 months or less as determined by lighting levels and the condition of the work itself.
    • Normally one artwork (or a series of artworks as appropriate) will be allocated per meeting room/foyer/lecture room.
    • Housatonic Museum of Art will arrange transport and installation of artworks. Works are not to be handled by the general staff.
    • The Chair or Department head which is the recipient of an artwork will be deemed to be responsible for that artwork.
    • No artwork may be moved without the prior approval of the Director.
    • Artworks may not be lent to a third party.
    • Borrowers must make every effort to preserve artworks in the condition received and may not attempt to repair, alter or clean objects. Any damage or loss must be reported immediately to the Director and to Security.
    • Factors which may affect the physical condition of artworks, such as renovations, redecoration or relocation of offices, must be reported to the Director in advance.

All allocations of artwork for display will be considered at the discretion of the Director.