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ANSEL ADAMS: Classic Images

STUDENT PROJECTS - Platt Regional Technical Vocational School
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artwork by student

Student writing inspired by viewing the Ansel Adams exhibit...

Writing Prompt: If the picture could talk, what would it say?

Trailer Camp Children:

I would call them, James, Sam and Andy.
They are sad, scared, abandoned. It's dark.
The older one is depressed, he knows what's going on.
The little boy doesn't know what's going on.
The middle one is scared and has a little perspective.
Heather D.

Mary is four, Anne 2 and John 12. Their expression is scared. They look like they're
watching something burn. Probably something belonging to them.

Write a four-line poem...

Wind blowing
Like a hero running

Among many trees
One single tree separate from the rest
Kristen L.

Moving by
Like a cluster of people
Trying to get through
Kristen L.

Thunder crashing
A flowing stream

Writing prompt: Imagine yourself in this scene. What do you sense?

Mt. Williamson, from Manzanar

I have no where to go. All around me are rocks. It's hot. I can't walk anymore. The rocks
are always there. The sun bears down on me and there's no place to sit.
Susan M.

It is very rocky here, very dry and hostile. Rocks everywhere. Fields of boulders for
miles. It's too hot with no water. Sandstorms, you can't move. Rocks block your path in
all directions.
Michael S.

There is bitter-sweet beauty. The sun comes up bringing with it false new hope for the
day to come, but always it retreats without every bearing the day's gifts. There's a place
of safety and tragedy where the moon protects when the sun betrays it. I see myself
beginning to fly over, but my feet, they cannot get far enough off the ground, and my legs
instead hit each rock with new intensity.
Erica W.

Stuck. Surrounded by heavy objects so large that it's difficult to walk. Desire to walk
towards the rays oflight. They pour over rocks and mountains and clouds, and, like them,
I am a fixed part of nature.
Lauren W.

Beautiful day. I feel small and big at the same time. Ray of sunlight cutting through the
clouds. It's a long way a way.
Dean M.

Endless valley
Tumultuous contrast
Peaceful danger
Rusty B.

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Housatonic Museum of Art
Housatonic Community College
900 Lafayette Blvd.
Bridgeport, CT 06604
For information call Robbin Zella, Director, 203-332-5052