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ANSEL ADAMS: Classic Images

STUDENT PROJECTS - Middle School Talented And Gifted Students From Oxford And Derby

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GRADES 8 - 12

Writing Prompt: What do you observe in the photograph and how does it make you

Trailer Camp Children

The children look sad and lonely. They look as though they live in poverty. The oldest boy looks to be the provider and protector of the younger children. The older children almost seem to be ashamed of the state they were living in. The baby doesn't know any better so he's looking at the camera.
Ashleigh S., Oxford

It looks like these children are awestruck by something. Whatever light is illuminating their terrified faces provides no protection or distraction from what they have seen. The emotional faces are the focus of the picture but the background is black and irrelevant.
Anthony S., Derby

Prompt: Write a Diamante Poem

Ghost down
Deserted, tranquil
Dying, resting, wandering
Like an unreal dream
Valen D., Oxford

Unreal, Frozen
Glinting, Stalking
Like a moon penetrating
Megan Rose K., Oxford

Prompt: Write a postcard from this scene.

Mt. Williamson From Manzanar

I am looking over a vast plain of rocks with a gorgeous mountain in the background. It makes me see that we are all of different shapes, skies and colors. We all, however are all stretching out toward a common goal the pinnacle of success We are called different yet we are also the same.
Bret P., Derby

Rays of light illuminate the triangular fog filled mountains. A rock quarry surrounds me. All of the shiny marble rocks appear monolithic beside me. The heavens look as if they were crying their joy upon this very area. The mountains look like pyramids, ancient structures.
Uli W., Oxford

Prompt: Write about what moves you

Buddhist Graves

Silver is not just a stone
Or a color all alone
Silver is something more
Than just a hinge on a door
Silver is a single moon
Single shrub on barren dune
Silver is a tattered cloud,
Mountains skulking 'neath its shroud
Silver is a glinting light,
In the midst of petrifying night


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