900 Lafayette Boulevard, Bridgeport, CT // Lafayette Hall

Aeolian Ride - Bridgeport

AEOLIAN RIDE Bridgeport, CT:

Sponsored by HMA with fund from the Werth Family Foundation and HCC Foundation in support of SweetPort.

FREE PUBLIC ART BIKE RIDE (see more photos of this event)
Friday, May 30, 2009 Photos by Jessica Findley

Aeolian Ride is a free, public art event where 30 people wear wind-inflated suits and ride their bikes through cities around the world. Aeolian Ride seeks to excite, delight and involve the rider as well as the passerby. The idea is to create a fun, public participatory art event that transforms the landscape of the city. All 30 suits were handmade out of rip-stop nylon and easily inflate when riding at a slow pace. There are three suit shapes, a “bunny” a “bubble” and a” drop”.

Aeolian Ride - BridgeportThe first Aeolian Ride took place in New York (06.04.04). The ride has traveled to San Francisco, California joining the Bicycle Film Festival Parade (10.07.04) and for a longer ride starting in Golden Gate Park (10.09.04). On November 20th 2004 the Aeolian Ride went to Cape Town, South Africa, (09.10.05) in Los Angeles, and (03.11.06) Melbourne, Australia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, (09.10.06) and in the New York Dietch Art Parade (09.08.07) Milan,Italy (11.27.09)

This project was created by Brooklyn based artist, Jessica Findley who specializes in curious, contagious art tied to nature. To view her other projects: www.sonicribbon.com/portfolio/art.html