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Educational Support Materials for the exhibit...

Freedom: A History of US


MARCH 13, 2003 THROUGH APRIL 18, 2003

From a variety of viewpoints on FREEDOM


www.pbs.org/historyofus - Study guides for Freedom: History of US PBS series.

Teacher and student materials developed by Johns Hopkins University’s Talent Development Middle Schools Program, Center for Social Organization of Schools, Social Studies and U.S. History Curriculum.
Also see The Civil War by Ken Burns, and NOW by Bill Moyers

www.csos.jhu.edu/tdms/social.htm - Sample lessons for Freedom: A History of US

www.firstamendmentcenter.org - annual report on survey of public views on the First Amendment
www.nytimes.com - Check out all points of view on the opinion pages.
www.TomPaine.com-Tom Paine Common Sense.
www.Moveon.org - Information on the peace movement
www.truthout.org -Daily digest of critical news analysis
www.myhistory.org - My history is America’s history.
www.choices.edu – One of the most popular Iraq-related curriculums
www.aclu.org - The American Civil Liberties Union, “defending the Bill of Rights”
www.facinghistory.org - Facing History and Ourselves – many resources for teachers
www.tjcenter.org -Thomas Jefferson Center for Protection of Free Expression
www.eff.org/privacy - Electronic Frontier Foundation. Obtain document – USA PATRIOT Act which greatly expands government surveillance powers
www.ccr-ny.org - Center for Constitutional Rights – USA PATRIOT Act analysis
www.ala.org - Resolution on USA PATRIOT ACT - a “present danger to the constitutional rights and privacy rights of library users”
www.nccev.org - National Center for Children Exposed to Violence, Yale University. A Teachers Guide for Talking to Your Students
www.bordc.org/HSAsummary.pdf - Teachers can obtain a very clear, succinct summary of the Homeland Security Act from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee


Freedom: A History of US videotapes and DVDs, available from PBS VIDEO: 1-800-344-3337, or http://teacher.shop.pbs.org/

Freedom: A History of US CD available from Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings

Glory, About the Civil War African American regiment

Amistad, About the mutiny of the slaves taken from Africa


Freedom, A History of US, by Joy Hakim. Oxford Press, 2003
The Greatest Sedition is Silence, Pluto Press by William Rivers Pitt, best-selling author and H.S. teacher in Boston.
A People’s History of the U.S. by Howard Zinn

Educational Materials Prepared by Janet Luongo, Educational Consultant