Intermediate Excel

For those of you with a basic knowledge of formulas or who attended the previous class, you'll discover additional features in Excel including the following: pivot tables, simple macros, advanced filtering and sorting, linking data between Excel and Word/PowerPoint, time functions, if statements, mail merge (combine data from a list of names in Excel with a Word document to create labels, letters, or envelopes).

Taught in version 2013, skills learned are applicable to earlier versions and for the Mac. If you wish to bring home the files including solutions, please bring a flash drive to class.

This is an all-day class with a 30 minute lunch break (on your own), you may wish to bring a snack and/or your lunch.  There is a café across the street from the college.

Prerequisite: experience with formulas in Excel (or attended last week's class), knowledge of the computer keyboard and ability to use a mouse.

This course is not currently scheduled. To find out When this course will be offered again please contact the Continuing Education Center at (203) 332-5057 or email at