Homemaker Companion Certificate

This course will prepare students for entry-level positions in the health care field. Upon completion students will be able to properly assist elderly and chronically ill patients in maintaining their independence through in-home care. There are a variety of job opportunities available to companions and homemakers that are trained to meet this important community need. Students will learn skills including roles and responsibilities, proper communication techniques, professional medical behavior, fall prevention, healthy aging, cultural sensitivity, escorting and transportation of clients, communication with Alzheimer's patients, nutrition and meal preparation and much more. Students will spend a total of 18 hours learning from highly-trained medical staff. This course is offered with the assistance of the Bridgeport Hospital Geriatric Injury Institute, which promotes quality of life, dignity and independence for aging adults in Fairfield County.

Students will also receive 15 hours of classroom training in Customer Service for Health Care Professionals. Some of the areas covered include: Patient Rights and Laws regarding patient care, professionalism in the medical field, telephone etiquette, communication skills, working with a culturally diverse patient population, appropriate bedside manners, and managing the stress associated with a career in health care.

This course is not currently scheduled. To find out When this course will be offered again please contact the Continuing Education Center at (203) 332-5057 or email at HC-ContinuingEd@hcc.commnet.edu.