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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification in Word

Earn the credential; enjoy the career! Earning a Microsoft Office Specialist certification can lead to increased job satisfaction. With your advanced skills in Word, you may become a more competent and productive employee in your chosen career path.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS) Word 2007 (Click to see when this course is offered)

In this ten week course, students will obtain knowledge of the Office system 2007 certification track exam objectives with an MOS certified instructor. Students with XP skills are welcome to update their existing skills and learn how to process (i.e. text, pictures) into information in assigned weekly exercises. Students will learn to master skills using key concepts, key terms, software orientated objectives, bonus line topics, plenty of online/ hands-on assistance in lectures, and exercises to start becoming certified. Additionally, students can practice Word exercises in the “Workplace Ready” section of the text at work. These exercises are designed to be use in any type of business environment that has a Word ‘07 software program installed. Students will learn Word 2007’s ribbons interface, dialog boxes, tables, reviewing, editing, and a new document preparation feature, while interacting in a distance learning environment.