Basic Digital Photo 1

This class covers the basics of digital camera operation, providing a sound foundation for your digital experience, covering menu navigation, exposure modes (manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, program), light meter modes (matrix/evaluative, center weighted, spot), exposure compensation, white balance, sensitivity (ISO), quality (file format-RAW vs JPEG) and more. Using the two most important features on DSLR cameras, highlight over-exposure warning display and the histogram display, you will learn how to shoot, evaluate and adjust the exposure to assure obtaining the best photo quality (dynamic range) possible for each shooting condition. The class will conclude with a demonstration of digital workflow: download, back-up, archive, edit, using Adobe Photoshop. There will be assignments and weekly critiques of work.
Students should bring their camera gear and Operating manuals, and a flash drive.

This course is not currently scheduled. To find out When this course will be offered again please contact Continuing Education at (203) 332-5057 or email at