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The following is a listing of all current full-time faculty at HCC. Click on a name to visit their web page.

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Adams, Rebecca * Professor of English (203) 332-8578 BH-230 Web Page
Albaz, Asher Associate Professor of Accounting (203) 332-5166 BH-351 Web Page
Amico, Michael Professor of Psychology (203) 332-5163 BH-256 Web Page
Anzenberger, Joanne Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice (203) 332-5212 BH-251 Web Page
Avant, Robin L. Assistant Professor of Biology/Molecular Biology (203) 332-5984 LH-C218 Web Page
Barnes, Sandra Professor of Biology (203) 332-5107 LH-B225 Web Page
Becker, Edward Professor of Business (203) 332-5138 BH-345 Web Page
Benezra, Theodora Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics (203) 332-8577 LH-B235 Web Page
Bloom, Eleanor J. Assistant Professor of English (203) 332-5269 BH-215f Web Page
Brenner, Thomas C. Instructor of Art and Graphics (203) 332-5980 LH-B220 Web Page
Brown, Michael Dean of Academic Affairs (203) 332-5060 BH-116F Web Page
Cahill-Lamboley, Maureen Associate Professor of English as a Second Language (203) 332-5152 LH-A216 Web Page
Carley, Kristen Lecturer of Developmental English (203) 332-8502 LH-A210 Web Page
Cercone, Kathleen Professor of Biology (203) 332-5177 LH-B234 Web Page
Chance, Edwena Professor of English (203) 332-8557 BH-215a Web Page
Chapla, Paula Instructor of Manufacturing Technology (203) 332-5988 LH-C107i Web Page
Coba-Loh, Claudine J. Professor of Psychology and Human Services (203) 332-5167 BH-256 Web Page
Cohen, Michele Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education (203) 332-5172 BH-253 Web Page
Colon, Saulo M. Instructor of Sociology (203) 332-5113 BH-249 Web Page
Conway, Janice Professor of Occupational Therapy Assistant (203) 332-5109 LH-B234 Web Page
Cross, Ann (203) 332-5198 LH-C222 Web Page
Dawson, Asantewa Assistant Professor of Developmental Math (203) 332-5095 LH-A211 Web Page
Duhaime, Joe Business & Industry Instructor/Assistant Program Director of CAMI (203) 332-5160 LH-107e Web Page
Dunne, Matthew W. Instructor of History & Political Science (203) 332-5043 BH-249 Web Page
Empric, Scott Professor of Developmental English (203) 332-5147 LH-A222 Web Page
Favret, John Professor of Graphic Design (203) 332-5116 LH-B231 Web Page
Grossman, William Professor of Computer Science (203) 332-5121 BH-343 Web Page
Gugger, Michael Instructor of Manufacturing Technology (203) 332-5963 LH-C107b Web Page
Hart, Stephanie A. Professor of English (203) 332-5142 BH-215h Web Page
Hayes, Janet Instructor of Graphic Design (203) 332-5132 LH-B232 Web Page
Hughes, Kirk T. Associate Professor of English (203) 332-5137 BH-229 Web Page
Keane, Edward C. Professor of Psychology and Sociology (203) 332-5165 BH-242 Web Page
Kocay, Michelle Assistant Professor of Developmental English (203) 332-8552 LH-A220 Web Page
Kozek, Teresa Garguilo Professor of Developmental English (203) 332-5148 LH-A210 Web Page
Krill, Vern Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice (203) 332-5175 BH-251 Web Page
La Barbera, Michael Assistant Professor of Mathematics (203) 332-5131 LH-C230 Web Page
Lamoureux, Mark Instructor of English (203) 332-5135 BH-215f Web Page
Leach, Mark Associate Professor of Developmental Mathematics (203) 332-5230 LH-A216 Web Page
Litwinowicz, Stella Instructor of Engineering & Mathematics (203) 332-8588 LH-B223 Web Page
Lloyd, Joan Professor of Chemistry (203) 332-5211 LH-B233 Web Page
Lutris, Hamish F. Associate Professor of History (203) 332-5170 BH-248 Web Page
Mandel, Michael R. Professor of Business (203) 332-5119 BH-348 Web Page
Mannion, Samantha M. Professor of Criminal Justice and Political Science (203) 332-5168 BH-244 Web Page
Mark, Steven Professor of English (203) 332-5065 BH-234 Web Page
Mellouk, Driss Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages (203) 332-5974 BH-215b Web Page
Meyrick, Charles Assistant Professor of Business and Economics (203) 332-5128 BH-350 Web Page
Micinilio, Kathleen Professor of Developmental English (203) 332-5291 LH-A210 Web Page
Moncrieffe, Aubrey Assistant Professor of Developmental English (203) 332-5144 LH-A213 Web Page
Monroe, Susan Associate Professor of Developmental English (203) 332-5277 LH-A220 Web Page
Morales, Letizia Instructor of Medical Assisting (203) 332-8515 LH-C220 Web Page
Nelson, Robert Associate Professor of Developmental English (203) 332-8545 LH-A211 Web Page
Noe, Laurie R. * Professor of Early Childhood Education (203) 332-5255 BH-257 Web Page
Nohai-Seaman, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Developmental Math (203) 332-8554 LH-A222 Web Page
Ortiz, Jamilet Associate Professor of Spanish (203) 332-5141 BH-215b Web Page
Pappantoniou, Antonios Associate Professor of Biology (203) 332-5146 LH-C218 Web Page
Pasierb, Bernard Lecturer of Business Administration (203) 332-5118 BH-340 Web Page
Philips, Marina Professor of Mathematics (203) 332-5289 LH-B235 Web Page
Pinto, Andrew Associate Professor of Art (203) 332-5173 LH-B232 Web Page
Pirog, Pamela * Business Department Chair (203) 332-5124 BH-347 Web Page
Platt, David Instructor of Mathematics (203) 332-5115 LH C230 Web Page
Ravanshad, Farshad Assistant Professor of Computer Science (203) 332-5127 BH-350 Web Page
Reed, Michele (203) 332-5214 LH-C226 Web Page
Rhoads, Donna L. Instructor of Biology (203) 332-5106 LH-C218 Web Page
Richards, Barbara Professor of Sociology (203) 332-5164 BH-254 Web Page
Rizzi, Richard Assistant Professor of Developmental Mathematics (203) 332-5283 LH-A211 Web Page
Roche, Maria Stiebel Professor of English as a Second Language (203) 332-5149 LH-A214 Web Page
Rondinone, Tonya H. Assistant Professor of Psychology (203) 332-5174 BH-254 Web Page
Rose, Eddie Associate Professor of Developmental Math (203) 332-5117 LH-A213 Web Page
Ryder, Jr., Robert C. Associate Professor of Pre-Engineering/Physics/Mathematics (203) 332-5158 LH-B223 Web Page
Samberg, Rebecca * Professor of Developmental English (203) 332-5153 LH-A212 Web Page
Schissler, Henry Associate Professor of Sociology (203) 332-5261 BH-252 Web Page
Sheehan, Geoffrey Professor of Theater Arts (203) 332-5270 LH-A229 Web Page
Smith, Karyn L. Associate Professor of English (203) 332-5133 BH-215h Web Page
Sopchak, John C. Associate Professor of Psychology (203) 332-8547 BH-252 Web Page
Steeves, Elizabeth Professor of Chemistry (203) 332-5157 LH-C233 Web Page
Toedt, Kathleen Professor of Anatomy & Physiology/Biology (203) 332-5110 LH-B233 Web Page
Tomey, Shelley S. Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education (203) 332-5162 BH-246 Web Page
Turiano, Laura Assistant Professor of Psychology and Human Services (203) 332-5978 BH-243 Web Page
Valovcin, Mary Ann Professor of English (203) 332-5136 BH-229 Web Page
Vlahac, Mary Ann Instructor of Business Administration (203) 332-5120 BH-351 Web Page
Wagner, Thomas Instructor of Computer Science (203) 332-5968 BH-340 Web Page
Yarrow, Janet Assistant Professor of Nutrition/Biology (203) 332-5209 LH-B237 Web Page
Zajdel, Shirley * Professor of Biology (203) 332-5155 LH-B239 Web Page
Zander, Kyle Associate Professor of Biology/Anatomy & Physiology (203) 332-8562 LH-C233 Web Page