Success Stories

Rajiev Samuel wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do professionally. He had an idea of what he might be interested in, and he decided to take the first step. He enrolled in the 10-week Pharmacy Technician certification program at HCC. Not only did he pass the course and receive his certification, but Rajiev also found an exciting career pathway! This fall you will find Rajiev enrolled at the University of Bridgeport in their Pre-Pharmacy Program – a new health sciences partnership program between University of Bridgeport and UConn. You never know where you can go unless you move FORWARD!
“I participated in the Community Health Worker program, which afforded me confidence and has enhanced my motivation to continue to serve others. My interactions with the FORWARD staff, the instructor, and my classmates provided me with the determination to not give up. The instructor’s passion and dedication to human service was beyond measure; the way she described and conveyed the textbook theories and concepts to the real world practice was heartfelt and real. Since my enrollment in the CHW program, I have developed great resources and an expanded network of professionals. The Career Development Coordinator helped me highlight my resume and maintained diligent contact with me regarding employment possibilities. Since completing the pilot program in December 2014, I have had two great job interviews, as well as two pending interviews, and I anticipate a job offer in the near future.”
— Robert (CHW Class of 2014)
“In the Community Health Worker program, I learned the importance of developing trust, building a rapport, and communicating effectively as a compassionate and culturally humble public servant. I learned that, as a CHW, I am a voice for change in the laws and policies regarding the distribution of healthcare in our communities. Most importantly, the CHW foundation helped me to identify, assist, and serve the individuals in our communities who frequently lack the resources needed to maintain good health and nutritional habits for their families. How exciting it is to acquire new skills and afterwards be able to give back to the community and the people within it!” — Lola (CHW Class of 2014)
Northeast Resiliency Consortium

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