The President's Archive…Housatonic Community College, Always Making History

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Housatonic Community College is approaching its 50th anniversary. Anniversaries are times of looking back and the history of the college assumes greater interest as we continue to move forward and plan for the future. How did we begin? What happened when? How? How has our past shaped our present and our future?

It is very easy to lose the threads of history. People with the knowledge in their heads leave and retire. Memories fade. Preserving Housatonic’s history is the task of the Presidents Archive.

The Presidents Archive belongs to Housatonic. It will endeavor to organize and save materials relative to the college, both those from the past and those current materials which will be tomorrow’s past.

Efforts will be made to determine where pertinent materials are now kept, lists will be made of documents and artifacts now scattered in offices throughout the buildings.  Practices will be developed so that these materials can be accessible for research or other use. Materials will be conserved in acid-free boxes to prevent deterioration. Determinations will be made as to what current materials should be saved and how.

Meanwhile, we welcome anyone at Housatonic, any alumni, any interested person or friend of the college who has materials that would contribute to the story of Housatonic and its history to please contact the Presidents Archive at 203-332-5226 or . The Archive will keep the material safe and available.

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