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NOTE TO EDITORS: The list of graduates includes students from Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bridgeport, Cheshire, Deep River, Derby, East Haven, Fairfield, Hamden, Milford, Monroe, Naugatuck, New Haven, Newtown, Oxford, Orange, Seymour, Shelton, Southbury, Stamford, Stratford, Trumbull, Waterbury, West Haven, Weston and Wilton


BRIDGEPORT – Some 405 students, members of the second largest class in Housatonic Community College history, were awarded associate degrees and certificates Thursday night (5/29) at the college’s 41st commencement.

The graduates, clad in the dark blue Housatonic caps and gowns, gathered at the Arena at Harbor Yard to be honored for their achievements by a panel of dignitaries that included Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz, HCC President Anita T. Gliniecki, and Community-Technical College Trustees Virginia Zawoy and Win Oppel.

The Class of 2008, which was second in size to the record-setting class of 2004 (413 students), received 354 associate degrees and 51 certificates.

Students Carole Osborn of Oxford, Rebecca Starke of Stratford and Robin Papa of Hamden were honored with the Board of Trustees’ Medallion for Academic Excellence for maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout their academic career at HCC. Starke was a member of the All Connecticut Community College Academic Team (all members of Phi Theta Kappa) that was honored at the Capitol Building in April. Osborn was recognized for her academic achievements by the General Assembly in April at Academic Day at the Capitol.

“Maintaining a 4.0 is not an easy task under the best of circumstances,” said trustee Zawoy in remarks prepared for delivery. “It is an absolutely outstanding accomplishment for community college students who often face multiple challenges throughout their academic career.”

Seventeen students were eligible to ascend the podium multiple times to receive multiple degrees and/or certificates. Students Krystal Galpin of Naugatuck, Christopher Tucker of Shelton, Tranh Pham of Trumbull and Katie Bodnar of Monroe received two degrees while Yaneshka Tarraza of Bridgeport received two certificates and a degree.

Receiving a degree and a certificate were Shardie Dunbar, India Long, Ana Maria Maranon, Melissa Pretelt, Kimsue Smith, and Yalidsa Vasquez of Bridgeport, Elizabeth Cataldo of Orange; and Beverly Martin, David Lopez, Timothy Morris, John Phillips, and Kim Pierce of Stratford.

The Class of 2008 also featured a father/daughter combination: Francis and Jennifer Kalangala of Bridgeport. Mr. Kalangala, a former military commander and defense ministry official in the Democratic Republic of Congo, received an associate degree in business administration while Ms. Kalangala received an associate degree in Human Services.

For student Vincent Phillips, ascending the podium made him the sixth member of his family to pass through Housatonic. His mother Zenovia, an LPN; brothers Godfrey Lake, who owns an electrical contracting business, and Andres Phillips, a contractor; and sisters Nadine, a Ph.D. student, and Racquel, who’s studying pharmacy, all passed through Housatonic during their academic career.

For HCC employee and student Christopher Currivan of Derby, ascending the podium gave a sense of déjà vu. Currivan, who already held an associate degree and certificate from HCC, received a certificate in technical website design.

Student Chukwuemeka Nnacheta of Bridgeport, who received a certificate in 2002, ascended the stage to receive a microcomputer repair technician certificate.

Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz told the students that they hold the key to the future and must not be afraid to use it.

“In this time of economic insecurity, war, and environmental peril, young people clearly want a say in the direction and future of this country,” she said. “And this is great news because our country and our planet need your generation to be involved (because)

* You are the generation that will win the war on terror.
* You are the generation that will save our environment.
* You are the generation that will end poverty.
* You are the generation that will ensure that health care is a right for everyone, not just the healthy and wealthy.
* You are the generation that will use science to cure cancer and (end) the AIDS epidemic.

“Your generation will accomplish this – because it has to – it must,” she said. “We are depending on you.”

HCC President Anita T. Gliniecki told the graduates she is “proud of each and every one of you.” Many of you have overcome obstacles and experienced difficulties in reaching this night and receiving your diplomas, she said.

“Your degrees or certificates are a huge symbol of both your perseverance and your strength.”

“It has been said many times over that graduation or commencement is the beginning of your future,” she said. “You are leaving Housatonic prepared. You have begun to learn the disciplines required of an educated person: How to work, how to stick with it, how to question and be critical, how to seek help and advice when you need it, and how much more there is to learn.”

In the conclusion to her remarks, she asked the students to “make a difference.”

Richard F. Fagan of Stamford received the Board of Trustees’ Merit Award, which is awarded annually in recognition of the “deep concern and interest in the students and communities served by our community colleges.” Fagan, Zawoy noted, has made significant contributions to the financial well being of the Housatonic Community College Foundation, which was created in 1990 to assist the college and its students beyond the fundamentals provided by the State.

Below are members of the Class of 2008, listed in the following order: town, first name, middle initial, last name, degree/certificate (Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, CERT), major, honors if appropriate. Graduation Honors: Honors (EH): 3.4 - 3.69 cumulative Grade Point Average; High Honors (EHI): 3.7 - 3.89 cumulative GPA; Highest Honors (EVHH): 3.9- 4.0 cumulative GPA. To qualify for academic honors designations, students must have earned a minimum of 36 credits at HCC in a degree program, excluding credits earned through examinations or departmental evaluation for life experience. Graduation honors do not apply to certificate programs.


Liliana Alvarez AS Nursing EVHH
Michelle L Gavin AS Clinical Lab Sci/Biotech
Giselle M Hernandez AS Criminal Justice
Keyndra T Lewis AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Joudani A Maria AS Graphic Design
Luis D Pereira AS Accounting
Taishainick Rosario AS Criminal Justice

Beacon Falls

Jum Rae Devine AS General Studies
Ana M Galarraga AS Nursing
Karin D Lee AS General Studies


Margie E Acevedo AS General Studies
Sharain T Acevedo AS Bus Adm: General
Jarod L Adams AS Bus Adm: Customer Srvc/Mktg
Sandra Agosto CERT Criminal Investigation-CT
Sandra Agosto AS Criminal Justice EH
Zinatou Agrignan AS General Studies
Qarib Ahmed AS Occupational Therapy Asst EHI
Elijah Altreche CERT Technical Web Site Design
Kerry N Armstrong AS Human Services
Omolayo Asaolu AS Graphic Design
Patrick R Baldwin AA Theater Arts
Nelson M Batista CERT Technical Web Site Design
Mary A Beach AS General Studies EHI
Hayden W Bernard AS Accounting EH
Aaron M Best AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt
Farrah S Boston AS General Studies
Simone N Boucher AS Accounting
Rui Branco AS General Studies EH
Daniel T Brangman AS Criminal Justice
Mona L Brayboy AS Early Childhood Ed
Vernee N Brooks AS Accounting
Anna-Kay A Brown AS Criminal Justice
Derrel N Brown AS Bus Adm: Management
Alina Andreea Bubu AS Accounting EH
Edward W Budlowski CERT Graphic Design-CT
Shpresa Bungu AS Human Services
Ana Marissa Bustamante AS Human Services
Dan T Butler CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Chantelle S Cain AS Early Childhood Ed
Judith Cardona-Moran CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Alixon V Carrillo AS General Studies
Luis Casiano AS Graphic Design
Jenny M Castillo AS Bus Adm: Management
Joseph A Cataldo AS Criminal Justice
La'Shondra M Clark AS Human Services
Jeff T Coleman AS General Studies
Gladys Colon-Nunez CERT Technical Web Site Design
William M Connolly AS Human Services
Anthony L Cromedy AA LAS: Journalism/Comm
Jessica Cruz AS Early Childhood Ed
Veesha Dash AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed
Suzette A Davidson AS Bus Adm: General
Rosanna M Davila AS Bus Adm: General EH
Juanita D Davis AS Nursing
Sean F Davis AS Bus Adm: Management
William N Davis AS General Studies
Neil M Deschnow AS General Studies
Jennifer A Diaz AS General Studies
Rosa I Diaz-Herring AS Nursing
Marie R Dormevil AS Human Services
Ahisha R Douglas AS General Studies
Yaritza Duarte AS Early Childhood Ed
Shardie L Dunbar CERT HS: Child/Youth Mntl Hlth-CT
Shardie L Dunbar AS Human Services
Nicole N Dutton AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Michael J Fabrizi AS General Studies
Sammy G Falcon CERT Criminal Investigation-CT
Oluwafunmike O Fawale AS General Studies EH
Joyce Fernandez AS General Studies EHI
Karen L Ferro CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Carlos A Fidalgo AS Criminal Justice
Scott F Fortunato AS Physical Therapist Asst
Paula A Garcia AS Graphic Design
Maxine A Gaye AS Human Services
Phyllis J Gonzalez CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Keen P Hamilton AS Bus Adm: Finance
Priscilla Hampton-Santiago AS Human Services EH
Shana G Harris AS Criminal Justice
Elisabeth N Harry AS Human Services EHI
Liljana Haxhajanis AS Early Childhood Ed
Ratha Heng AS Accounting
Kay Ann Henry AS General Studies
Delmy N Hernandez AS General Studies
Elizabeth Hilarion AS General Studies
Kaydyann A Hines AS Occupational Therapy Asst
Steven M Holloway AS Bus Adm: General
Pamela Gail Inserra CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Charlene S Jackson AS General Studies
Kelcy N Jenkins AS Graphic Design EH
Gregory Jimenez AS Accounting
Shirley A Johansson CERT HS: Mental Health-CT
Alice Johnson AS BOT: Executive Asst
Carol R Johnson AS Bus Adm: General
Jade Joseph AS Bus Adm: Management
Caprice Kabedi AS Bus Adm: Finance EH
Francis A Kalangala AS Bus Adm: General
Jennifer S Kalangala AS Human Services
Jefferine Kerr AS General Studies
Madeline R Kinchen AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EH
Thyda Korng AS Bus Adm: General
Violeta Kostandini AS Bus Adm: Management
Mildred G Landock AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Cassandra Laurent AS General Studies
Marie S Legagneur AS General Studies
Sarah Lewis AS General Studies
India T Long CERT Technical Web Site Design
India T Long AS Computer Information Systems
Donatien M Mabaye AS Accounting
Hajnalka Madar AS Bus Adm: Management EH
Elise A Maldonado AS General Studies EH
Ana Maria C Maranon AS Computer Information Systems
Ana Maria C Maranon CERT PC Repair Technology
Bryan E Matos AS Criminal Justice
DeeDee R McAllister AS General Studies
Mallory A McArthur AS General Studies
Tiffany T McQueen AS Accounting
Nathalie E Miguel AS General Studies
Alexandra P Monsalve AS General Studies
Kenneth W Mulligan AA Fine Arts: Art
Flora Mustafaj AS Bus Adm: Finance EVHH
Andre M Myton AS General Studies
George H Nason CERT Network Administrator
Anh D Nguyen AA LAS: Computer Science EHI
Nicola N Nicholson AS Early Childhood Ed
Iris J Nieves CERT Criminal Investigation-CT
Chukwuemeka C Nnacheta AS General Studies
Colette Nole AS Bus Adm: Management
Sandra I Nwajagu AS BOT: Executive Asst
Angela A Olivera AS Accounting EH
Wanda Iveliz Oliveras AS Human Services
Daisy M Olmo AS Early Childhood Ed
Joel Oramas AA Theater Arts EH
Arian Pagan AS Clinical Lab Tech: Biotech Opt EHI
Crystal Perez AS Human Services
Jossie E Perez AS Human Services
Nyesha Pettway AS General Studies
Pho Pheng AS Computer Information Systems
Kaylie E Philbin CERT HS: Mental Health-CT
Vincent F Phillips AS Accounting
Anthony M Pierini AS General Studies
Jeung M Pimentel AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EVHH
Emily Ponce AS Physical Therapist Asst
Melissa Pretelt CERT HS: Child/Youth Mntl Hlth-CT
Melissa Pretelt AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Jessica M Quesada AS Criminal Justice
Fitzgerald W Rankine AS Criminal Justice
Verleta Reid AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Enrique Reyes AS Computer Information Systems
Fatima T Ribeiro AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Aida Z Rivera AS Early Childhood Ed
Luz D Rivera AS Criminal Justice
Mark S Rivera AS Bus Adm: Management EH
Jennifer Rodriguez AS Bus Adm: General EH
Jeremy R Rosa AS Bus Adm: General EHI
Raul Rosas AS Bus Adm: General
Robert C Rosenbluh Jr AS General Studies
Shanika Rucker AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Valerie M Sanon AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EH
Victor R Santana AA LAS: Computer Science EH
Sam S Sezer AS Bus Adm: Finance
Linda Shaulinski AS Human Services EHI
Derron Simmonds AS General Studies EH
Rachel N Siter AA Theater Arts EH
Jean M Smith AS Human Services EH
Kimsue M Smith AS Computer Information Systems
Kimsue M Smith CERT PC Repair Technology
Henrietta C Smith-Gomez AS General Studies
Lovely E Soares CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Israel J Soto AS General Studies
Monique J South-Palmer AS Bus Adm: General EHI
Sha'kira S Spearman AS Nursing EH
Nicole M Stancarone CERT BOT: Admin Support Asst-CT
William Stewart AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt
Verniece S Still AS Bus Adm: Management
Ania M Stopka AS Bus Adm: General
Kolawole I Sule AS General Studies
Vernita J Sullivan AS Bus Adm: General
Matthew Z Swinton AS Bus Adm: Management
Justyna Szyszkiewicz AS General Studies
Tamaya N Tait AS Accounting
Yaneshka Tarraza CERT BOT: Admin Support Asst-CT
Yaneshka Tarraza CERT Technical Web Site Design
Yaneshka Tarraza AS BOT: Executive Asst EH
Andrea E Thomas AS General Studies
Shahidah Thomas CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Anna D Torres AS Early Childhood Ed
Maribel Torres AS Accounting EH
Nicole W Tyson AS Early Childhood Ed
Inco Vanvliet AS Accounting
Alyssa L Vaquero AA LAS: Journalism/Comm
Yalidsa Vasquez CERT Criminal Investigation-CT
Yalidsa Vasquez AS Criminal Justice
Albert O Velez AA Theater Arts
Jocelyn M Villacres AS Early Childhood Ed
Antony Villafane AS Criminal Justice EH
Jermaine P Walker AS Bus Adm: General
Karen N Williams AS Early Childhood Ed
Liljana Ziu CERT Accounting-CT


Lisa D Smith AS Occupational Therapy Asst

Deep River

Charles D Saunders AS Occupational Therapy Asst EHI


Stacy Casini AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt
Christopher M Currivan CERT Technical Web Site Design
Milanis K Marrero AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Johanna M Olivetto AS General Studies
Alexander J Romanovsky AS Accounting Asst

East Haven

Candice M Ogden AA LAS: Journalism/Comm EH


Cathy A Comstock AS Accounting EVHH
Priscilla M Deabreu AS General Studies EH
Nancy B DeLucia AS Accounting EHI
Tara M Gavin AS General Studies
Lawrence H Hayward AA LAS: Pre-Environmental Sci EHI
Tyler W Leavens AS General Studies
Blake I Mann AS General Studies EVHH
Cara E Micalizzi AS Early Childhood Ed
Kevin M Quinlivan AS Criminal Justice
Erica V Sastre AA Theater Arts EVHH
Amanda R Volante AS Bus Adm: Management EH
Bin Zhao AS Accounting EHI


Armel Boris AA LAS: Pre-Environmental Sci
Robin L Papa AS Nursing EVHH
Erik K Hanson AS General Studies


Shannon M Alicki AS Graphic Design: Comp Graphics EHI
Eric P Andujar AS Bus Adm: General
Rebecca E Bassett AS General Studies EH
Kimberlee A Bathurst AS General Studies
Luke A Bloomberg AS General Studies
Cheryl M Chasse AS General Studies
Owen J Comerford AS General Studies
Michael D Demchak AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Paula A Feijoo AS General Studies EH
Danielle M Fontaine AA Theater Arts
Samatha Gera AS General Studies
Kelly E Hoyt AS General Studies
Stanislaw D Kozikowski CERT Technical Web Site Design
Amy C Lello AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed
Jodibeth Longo AA Fine Arts: Art
Lisa A Manning AS General Studies EH
Clarissa Martinez AS Early Childhood Ed
Luis A Martinez AS Criminal Justice
Elaine H Marus AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed EHI
Stephen H Melnick AS Criminal Justice EVHH
Katie S Morin AS Criminal Justice
Margaret D Olson AS Early Childhood Ed EHI
Rinaldo Ortiz Jr AS Computer Information Systems
Terri A Parks AS Criminal Justice
Mindy A Ploof AS General Studies EH
Candice J Sicotte AS Nursing
Hyoja Tully AS General Studies EHI
Courtney M Visconti AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Alan Zvonkovic AS Computer Information Systems EH
Alan Zvonkovic CERT Technical Web Site Design


Katie Bodnar AS Bus Adm: General EHI
Katie Bodnar AS Accounting EHI
Joseph A Brisch AS Aviation Maint EH
Kelli M Cooper AS Bus Adm: General
Kristina M Kubel AS Early Childhood Ed
Amanda N Riesinger AS General Studies
Joyce A Rios AS General Studies EH
Adam E Young AA Theater Arts


Genevieve M Fareira AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Krystal L Galpin AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt
Krystal L Galpin AS Accounting
Daniel R Magnanimo AS Aviation Maint
Bounfong Panyasith AS Bus Adm: Management
Francois J Van Rensburg AS Criminal Justice

New Haven

Yolanda S Brown AS Criminal Justice
Carrie Lynn O'Donnell AS Nursing
Johanna Vazquez AS Nursing
Qadijah J Norris AS General Studies


Aleksey Barshay CERT PC Applications
Kelly M DeLeo AS Bus Adm: Management


Elizabeth A Cataldo AS General Studies
Elizabeth A Cataldo CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
James M Loomer AS Bus Adm: General
Amanda J Platt AS General Studies


Carole D Osborn AS Occupational Therapy Asst EVHH


Joslynn Hernandez AS General Studies
Casey L Moir AS Occupational Therapy Asst EH
Cody J Quinn AA LAS: Journalism/Comm EH
Douglas E Avona CERT Network Administrator


Virginia Adler AS Nursing EHI
Jennifer D Arsan AS Nursing EH
Aleeta M Bensen AS Bus Adm: General EVHH
Gigi S Brighindi AS General Studies EVHH
Stephen D Bryce CERT Criminal Investigation-CT
Anthony R Capinera AS General Studies
Justin P Carfo AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt
Christopher J DiCenzo CERT Technical Web Site Design
Amy M Glover AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Wayne F Hobson AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt
Sarah G Hooper AA LAS: Journalism/Comm
Kristofer L Kazlauskas AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt EH
Amy L Kutniewski AS Graphic Design: Comp Graphics EHI
Nancy Luquis AS Bus Adm: Human Resource Mgmt EH
Lyn A MacAuda AS Nursing EHI
Marlene J MacIlvain AS General Studies
Beverly A Martin CERT Technical Web Site Design
Beverly A Martin CERT PC Repair Technology
Beverly A Martin AS Computer Information Systems EH
Christina L Masas AS General Studies
Michael A Meresko AS Criminal Justice
Helen N Pappano AS Nursing EHI
Lindsay M Pieger AS Early Childhood Ed
Keith L Raine AS Bus Adm: General
Manny R Ramada AS General Studies EH
Jessica L Rougeau AA LAS: Journalism/Comm
Ilario Sanzo AS General Studies
Dana K Schneider AS Bus Adm: General
Chris B Stephenson AS General Studies
Tiffany J Stevens AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EH
Tamara L Strickland AS Bus Adm: Management EH
Raymond S Stuart AS General Studies
Christopher H Tucker AS General Studies
Christopher H Tucker AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Urszula Wilk AS Graphic Design EVHH
Charles J McMahon AA LAS: Computer Science EH


Geri J Evans AS Bus Adm: Management


Ruben N Milbain AS General Studies EH


Tina L Bahr AS General Studies EH
Maciej Balakier CERT Network Administrator
Daisy Benson AS General Studies
Daniel L Berendt AS Early Childhood Ed EVHH
Cassandra L Brown AS Human Services
Veronica A Christy AS Accounting EHI
Kaitlin E Ciccarelli AS General Studies
Phil T Conine AS General Studies EH
Jennifer L Corona AS Nursing EH
Mary Czaplinski AS General Studies EH
Anthony D Dicamillo AS General Studies
Neil F Diedrickson AS General Studies
Maribeth E DiIulio AS Bus Adm: General EHI
Michelle L Domack AS General Studies
Margaret A Drew CERT HS: Child/Youth Mntl Hlth-CT
Mallory E Finch AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Luz E Garcia AS Early Childhood Ed
Erika K Glagowski AA Fine Arts: Art
Ivelisse Gonzalez AS Accounting
Marzena Gordon AS General Studies
Eric J Griffin AS General Studies EH
Terry D Hamilton AS Bus Adm: General
Ranese B Harden CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Marilyn Herrera AS General Studies
Rebecca L Incerto AS General Studies
Catherine E Jackson AS General Studies
David S Lopez AS Criminal Justice
David S Lopez CERT Police Management & Admin Cert
Jeanne M Mahoney AS Early Childhood Ed
Candice McCrae AS Accounting EH
Aimee N Morgan AS Early Childhood Ed
Timothy P Morris AS Human Services EHI
Timothy P Morris CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Krzysztof Nartowicz AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt
Jeanne M O'Leary CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Anthonia O Oladeinde AS General Studies
Gerard F Paquette AS General Studies
Guretha Pettway AS Human Services
John C Phillips CERT Network Administrator
John C Phillips AS Computer Information Systems EVHH
Kim D Pierce AS Criminal Justice
Kim D Pierce CERT Criminal Investigation-CT
Daniel J Quintiliano AS General Studies
Jessica M Ricco AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Larry A Rice AS Criminal Justice
Benicio Ruiz AA LAS: Computer Science EH
Lori L Sanchez AS General Studies
Rebecca E Starke AA LAS: Journalism/Comm EVHH
Sara M Swain AS Graphic Design: Comp Graphics EHI
Brian Urban AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt EH
Robert Van Wagner CERT HS: Mental Health-CT
Ximara Vega AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Francis J Wargo AS Human Services EHI
Kaylyn A Warmke AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Steven A Winston AS General Studies
Robert A Wynn AS General Studies
Hui J Ying AS Accounting EHI
Jennifer L Zera AS General Studies EH


Antonio R Aquino AS General Studies
Audrey Baehr CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec II-CT
Damon Benedict AS General Studies
Erica M Byers AS Early Childhood Ed
Paul J Coyle AS General Studies
Filomena G Dileo AS Early Childhood Ed
Elizabeth A Ferencz AS General Studies
Kristen E Medoff AS General Studies
Charlotte E Mines AA LAS: Journalism/Comm
Carol Nykaza AS General Studies
Elizabeth M O'Brien AS Occupational Therapy Asst
Thanh Pham AS Accounting EH
Thanh Pham AS Bus Adm: General EH
Dori M Rivers AA LAS: Journalism/Comm EVHH
Adrianna A Senes AS Occupational Therapy Asst
Malgorzata Wierzchowska AS Criminal Justice EVHH
Tristan Williams AS General Studies
Jennifer L Wilson AS General Studies
Sean T Young AS Criminal Justice


Frances Wilson AS Criminal Justice

West Haven

Tineka A Welp AS General Studies


April R King AS Early Childhood Ed


Melani Jacobs AS Occupational Therapy Asst EVHH