Sets New Record

BRIDGEPORT – Housatonic Community College this semester has set a new enrollment record, registering 5,081 students at its newly expanded downtown Bridgeport campus.

The number represents an increase of some 14 percent over the 4,475 students who registered in the fall of 2007, and a 92 percent increase over the 2,653 who registered in the fall of 1996, the college’s last semester at its old Barnum Avenue campus in the city’s east end.

Full-time equivalent enrollment at the college has reached the 2,885 mark, up 14.6 percent from last fall’s 2518.

“We’re delighted that so many students have decided to take advantage of the educational opportunities we offer,” said HCC President Anita T. Gliniecki. “This shows that we’re realizing our main goal, which is to provide residents of the area with the educational opportunities they need to be successful and achieve their academic and career dreams.”

“In fact, our commitment to student success led us to double the size of our campus by expanding into Beacon Hall, our new building,” she said. “Beacon Hall offers students more classrooms, more computers, more space for study, and new language labs that will enrich the educational experience we can offer students.”

Adding Beacon Hall to the campus this semester enabled HCC to offer some 200 more courses, she noted.

The new enrollment figures show that part-time students still make up the largest percent of students, comprising 63.06 percent of the student body. Likewise, the figures show that HCC remains a minority college, with 51.3 percent of the student body being Black, (25.94 percent), Hispanic (21.87 percent), Asian (3.27 percent) or Native American (.24 percent).

The college still draws the majority of its students from Bridgeport (2,288 students, 45.03 percent) and Stratford (705 students, 13.88 percent); followed by Shelton (338 students, 6.65 percent); (Milford (312 students, 6.14 percent); Trumbull (290 students, 5.71); Fairfield (242 students, 4.76 percent, percent); Monroe (162 students, 3.19 percent); Ansonia (125 students, 2.46 percent); Derby (66 students, 1.30 percent); Seymour (43 students, 0.85 percent); and Easton (29 students, .57 percent).

Housatonic is located less than 150 yards of I-95 (Exit 27) and Rte 8 (Exit 1) in downtown Bridgeport, a block from the Arena at Harbor Yard.