Sets New Record - HCC ENROLLS 5,152 STUDENTS

BRIDGEPORT – Housatonic Community College this semester has set a new enrollment record, registering 5,152 students at its newly expanded downtown Bridgeport campus.

The number represents an increase of some 14.1 percent over the 4,516 students who registered in the spring of 2008, and a  95 percent increase over the 2,643 who registered in the spring of 1996, the college’s last spring semester at its old Barnum Avenue campus in the city’s east end.

Although spring enrollments tend to lag behind fall enrollments for a variety of reasons the 5,152 figure represents a one- percent increase over the 5,081 who registered on the fall, 2008 semester. The last time spring enrollments topped both spring and fall records was in 2002, when 4,271 students registered.

Full-time equivalent enrollment at the college has reached the 1,753 mark, up 16.2 percent over last spring’s 1,509. Part- time enrollment (3,399) is up 13 percent from last spring’s 1,509.

The new enrollment figures show that part-time students still make up the largest percent of students, comprising 66 percent of the student body.

HCC continues to attract a diverse student body. Some 57.3 percent of those reporting their ethnicity indicated they are either Black, Hispanic, Asian or Native American.  Of these, Black students comprised 29.6 percent; Hispanic students, 23.7 percent; Asians, 3.8 percent; and Native Americans, 0.2 percent.

The college still draws the majority of its students from Bridgeport (2,398 students, 44.2 percent) and Stratford (691students, 13.6 percent); followed by Shelton (324 students, 6.4 percent);  Milford (302 students, 5.9 percent);  Trumbull (266 students, 5.2 percent); Fairfield (238 students, 4.7 percent; Monroe (155 students, 3.1 percent); Ansonia (125 students, 2.4 percent); Derby (68 students, 1.30 percent); Seymour (47 students, 0.9 percent); and Easton (28 students, 0.6 percent).  

Housatonic is located less than 150 yards off I-95 (Exit 27) and Rte. 8 (Exit 1) in downtown Bridgeport, a block from the Arena at Harbor Yard.