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NOTE TO EDITORS: The list of graduates includes students from Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Branford, Bridgeport, Brookfield,  Derby, Durham, Easton, Fairfield, Guilford, Hamden, Milford, Monroe, Naugatuck, New Britain, Newtown, North Haven, Norwalk, Oxford, Ridgefield, Seymour, Shelton, Stamford, Stratford, Trumbull, Wallingford, Waterbury, West Haven, Willington, Wolcott, Woodbridge, Woonsocket, RI, New York City, Houma, LA, and Tulsa, OK.

Largest Class in HCC History
Four Students with Perfect 4.0 Average
New Alma Mater Song Unveiled

BRIDGEPORT – Some 449 students, members of the largest class in Housatonic Community College history, were awarded associate degrees and certificates Thursday night (5/28) at the college’s 42nd commencement.

The graduates, clad in the dark blue Housatonic caps and gowns, gathered at the Arena at Harbor Yard to be honored for their achievements by a panel of dignitaries that included eastern Connecticut State University president Elsa Nunez, HCC President Anita T. Gliniecki, Community-Technical College Trustee Jules Lang, and Community technical College System Chief Academic & Student Affairs Officer Paul Susen, representing Chancellor Marc Herzog.

The Class of 2004, with 413 students, becomes the second-largest class in HCC history while the Class of 2008, with 405 students, becomes the third.

Four students were honored with the Board of Trustees’ Medallion for Academic Excellence for maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout their academic career at HCC. Those were Kathryn M. Bellows of Waterbury, Linda M. Mizak and Lynette C. Pacenti of Shelton, and Robert M Vieira of Milford, who walked away with the most awards (six) at HCC’s annual Awards Night ceremony Tuesday (5/26)

“Maintaining a 4.0 is not an easy task under the best of circumstances,” said Jules Lang of the Board of Trustees of Connecticut Community Technical Colleges. “It is an absolutely outstanding accomplishment for community college students who often face multiple challenges throughout their academic careers.”

Twenty one students were eligible to ascend the podium multiple times to receive multiple degrees and/or certificates. Students William England of Bridgeport, Thomas Natowski of Milford, and Andrea Hill of Monroe each received two degrees. Receiving a degree and two certificates was student Andrew Kaminski of Stratford.

Receiving a degree and a certificate were students Alison Fernandez and Katianne Rosbrough of Ansonia; Yony Alvarez, Nelson Batista, Silvia Bermudez, Indiria Days, Kenyatta Holloway, Almalis Irizarry, Ashley Morris, Khossico Muteba, Torina Rudolph, and Frantz Salomon of Bridgeport; Laura Palaia of Derby; LeDeira Bennett and Christopher DiCenzo of Shelton; and John Laskoswski of Stratford.

Students Yaneshka Tarraza of Bridgeport, Peter Podlecki of Fairfield and Andrew Kaminski of Stratford each received two certificates. This marked the fourth and fifth time that Tarraza ascended an HCC podium for such recognition. Last year, she did likewise to receive two certificates and a degree.

Dr. Elsa Nunez, President of Eastern Connecticut State University and this year’s commencement speaker, told the group to remember to “give back” to the community.

“In addition to finding a good job and supporting yourself and your family … as I have done all my life… you have a responsibility to help others,” she said. “With the privilege of being a college graduate, comes the responsibility of positively affecting this great American society.  Do not forget that as wealth is inherited, poverty is inherited too.”

“There is a cause out there with your name on it, whether it’s helping out at your local elementary school, volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity project, or cleaning up your town’s landfill,” she added.  “You will find the way to make a personal contribution.”

In doing this, she said, be prepared to work with others. One person can make all the difference, she said. But, when teams of people come together, even greater good can occur.

“It is time to do more,” she said.

HCC President Anita T. Gliniecki told the graduates she is “proud of each of you and that you persevered on your own unique path to this graduation. Your achievement is inspiring, your ability to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way is, as they say, absolutely awsome.”

“You have begun to learn the disciplines required of an educated person.,” she said. “You have begun to learn how to work, how to stay on task, how to question and be critical, how to seek help and advice when you need it, and how much more there is still yet to learn.”

Barbara Johnson of Bridgeport, retired senior vice president of community relations at People’s Bank, received the Board of Trustees’ Merit Award, which is awarded annually in recognition of the deep concern and interest in the students and communities served by our community colleges. Johnson has made significant contributions to the Housatonic Community College Foundation, which was created in 1990 to assist the college and its students beyond the fundamentals provided by the State.

The Class of 2009 was the first to hear the new Housatonic Alma Mater, penned and sung by English Professor and jazz singer Janet Zamparo of Stratford and set to music by HCC Director of Student Services and musician Hernan Yepes of Milford. The lyrics of the song are as follows:

Coming from far and near
We sprang from solitary streams
From where we charted our course
To pursue improbable dreams
In this river, we found HCC
And embraced our diversity
Like hawks, we soared in search of the land
To find hope and promise in your hand
We lift our spirits, hearts and our voices
To Housatonic, the Sound and the Ocean,
And to proclaim our promise to each other,
To make a difference for our sisters and brothers

Below are members of the Class of 2009 listed in the following order: town, first name, middle initial, last name, degree/certificate (Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, CERT), major, and honors if appropriate. Graduation Honors: Honors (EH): 3.4 - 3.69 cumulative Grade Point Average; High Honors (EHI): 3.7 - 3.89 cumulative GPA; Highest Honors (EVHH): 3.9- 4.0 cumulative GPA. To qualify for academic honors designations, students must have earned a minimum of 36 credits at HCC in a degree program, excluding credits earned through examinations or departmental evaluation for life experience. Graduation honors do not apply to certificate programs.

Ashley A Bortnyik  AS Early Childhood Ed
Jessica M Delvalle  AS Accounting
Roumi  Espinosa  AS Human Services
Alison D Fernandez AS Early Childhood Ed; CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Mark  Heithaus  AS General Studies
Alicia M Martoni  AS Human Services EH
Katianne E Rosbrough AS General Studies; CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Beacon Falls
Billy L Evers  AS General Studies
Joseph W Campbell  AS Criminal Justice
Rita A Connelly  AS Occupational Therapy Asst EH
Kirstin U Abrahams  AS Human Services EVHH
Crystal R Adams  AS Bus Adm: Management EH
Sikah  Agrignan  AS Accounting
Abdoul B Agrignan  AS General Studies
Lilian  Aguila  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EH
Shuqran  Ahmed  AS Bus Adm: Customer Srvc/Mktg
Jeanette  Albino  AS Bus Adm: General
Christina  Albino  AS Early Childhood Ed
Jeanette  Alicea  AS BOT: Executive Asst
Luz V Alicea  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Yony A Alvarez  AS Computer Information Systems EHI; CERT PC Repair Technology
Billie  Amareth  AS Accounting
Nabil  Amri  AS General Studies EH
Irma E Arroyo  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed
Janet E Barnett-Bailey AS Bus Adm: General EHI
Nelson M Batista  AS Computer Information Systems EH; CERT Web Design - Technology CT
Jiyan  Bedawi  AS BOT: Executive Asst EH
Silvia E Bermudez  AS General Studies; CERT Advanced English Proficiency
Teresa K Blount  AS General Studies
Jennifer  Branscombe AS General Studies
Rose M Brisseaux  AS Early Childhood Ed EHI
Cheryl L Brown  AS Accounting
Gwendolyn Y Brown  AS Bus Adm: Finance
Deborah F Burkhalter  CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec II-CT
Travis A Cataldo  AA Fine Arts: Art
Linna  Chan  AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt
Raviporn D Choothesa AS General Studies
Romaine D Clarke  AS Bus Adm: Management
Debora D Cohen  AS Early Childhood Ed
Sandra  Colon  AS General Studies
Marlyn  Coriano  AS Human Services
Ana C Cotto  AS Bus Adm: Human Resource Mgmt
Cecilia A Cruz  AS General Studies
Anthonyna Cruz  AS Human Services EH
Winda Y Cruz  AS Nursing
Damion K Daley  AS Computer Information Systems
Inderia E Days  AS Early Childhood Ed EH; CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Juan G De la Rosa CERT Technical Web Site Design
Kicha  Deer  AS General Studies
Tynisha  DeJesus  AS Early Childhood Ed
Brenda A Dempsey  AS Early Childhood Ed
Charles C Dent  AS General Studies
Stacy  Desrouilleres AS General Studies
Constantina M Diakomis  AS General Studies
Yvonne E Douglas  AS General Studies
Christine M DuBose  CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Crystayl L Edwards  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Jean J Eliacin  AS Accounting
William J England  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EH; AS General Studies EH
Katura A Ephie  AS Bus Adm: Management
Omayra  Escalera  AS Criminal Justice
Francklin  Fequiere  AS General Studies
Sandy  Figueroa  AS Criminal Justice
Rose Laure G Riodin  AS General Studies
Cesar O Galindo  CERT Advanced English Proficiency
Jerod  Geter  AS Human Services
Ricardo P Gomes  AS General Studies
Henry J Gomes  AS Graphic Design: Comp Graphics EHI
Veronica L Gonzalez  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Kimberley A Grant  AS Accounting EH
Taisha  Gutierrez  AS Human Services
Marlene  Guzman  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EH
Samuel Haight, AS, Criminal Justice, EH
Teresa J Havelick  CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Liljana  Haxhajanis AS General Studies
Shane M Hennessy  AS Graphic Design EH
Kenyatta M Holloway  AS Criminal Justice; CERT Criminal Investigation-CT
Jackielyn  Hudson  AS General Studies
Concepcion V Huitzil  AS Bus Adm: Human Resource Mgmt
Yvonne  Ighalo  AS Bus Adm: General
Almalis  Irizarry  AS Early Childhood Ed; CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Marlene  Isaac  AS General Studies
Wilhelmina Jackson  AS Accounting EHI
Roosevelt  Jean  AS Criminal Justice EH
Jamiel  Joseph  AS Bus Adm: Management
Mark E Jurczak  AS Criminal Justice
Zedan S Kallo  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Tshimanga P Kapitaine  AS General Studies
Tasha K Kitchen-Williams AS Early Childhood Ed EHI
Juanita M Levy  AS Accounting
Jucelle R Lim  AS Graphic Design: Comp Graphics EH
Celeste R Lima  AS General Studies
Karlene S Livingston  AS Nursing EHI
Jonathan  Long  AS General Studies
Danielle M Loor  CERT Technical Web Site Design
Nataly F Lopez  AS Accounting
Ivan D Lopez  AS Computer Information Systems
Marcelino  Lopez Jr  AS General Studies EH
Kimberly A Lyons  AS Human Services
Alexis J Martin  AS General Studies
Steven M Martinez  AA LAS: Pre-Engineering Sci EHI
Janet A May  AS Human Services
Ivan J McClure  AS Accounting
Crystal J McCulley  AS Bus Adm: Finance EH
Kelly  McGee  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Feuonia E McKenzie  CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec II-CT
Irving A Medina  AS Bus Adm: Finance
Jessica A Medina  AS General Studies
Fernando  Medor  AS Bus Adm: Small Bus Mgmt
Marthe S Medor  AS General Studies
William E Melendez  AS Graphic Design
Velissa Y Mendoza  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EH
Dalton L Miller  AA LAS: Pre-Environmental Sci
Raphar A Morgan  AS Bus Adm: Finance
Courtney A Morgan  AS Bus Adm: General
Ashley L Morris  AS Early Childhood Ed; CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Bwembya  Mumba  AS Bus Adm: Finance EHI
Khossico M Muteba  AS Bus Adm: Customer Srvc/Mktg; CERT Technical Web Site Design
Kathy I Natal  AS Criminal Justice
Marlyse C Nerette  AS Human Services
Kevin D Nguyen  AS Bus Adm: Finance EH
Phat T Nguyen  AS Bus Adm: Finance EVHH
Christina S Nicolett  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EHI
Wilson O Nieves  AS General Studies
Carlos J Nino  AS Bus Adm: Finance
Roselia I Ochoa  AS Criminal Justice
Nahum  Oliva  AS Physical Therapist Asst
Dolly M Olmo  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Monica Denise Ortiz  AS Accounting EH
Peter R Osbourne  AS Accounting
Morton O Osbourne  AS Bus Adm: General
JulieAnn  Owen  AS Early Childhood Ed
Maritza I Palacios  AS General Studies
Carl P Palmer  AS Human Services EH
Theresa R Pettway  AS Bus Adm: Management
Karina  Piazza  AS Early Childhood Ed
Ana M Pinheiro  AS Early Childhood Ed
Tasha P Powell  AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Evelyn Q Quesada  AS Computer Information Systems
Elizabeth  Quinones  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Marquia S Rabb  AA Theater Arts
Duane L Randolph  AS Bus Adm: General
Jorge G Reyes  AS Criminal Justice
Jadette E Rivera  AS Early Childhood Ed
Iris N Rivera  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed
Jadette E Rivera  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Mirtha  Robles  AS General Studies
Jennifer  Rodriguez  CERT Technical Web Site Design
Jesenia R Rojas  AS Bus Adm: General EH
Salina  Rosa  AS Accounting EH
Nicholas A Rosa  AS General Studies
Torina E Rudolph  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed; CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Frantz S Salomon  AS Computer Information Systems EH; CERT Technical Web Site Design
Jennifer  Samath  AA Theater Arts
Maria D Sanderson AS Human Services
Ruben M Santiago  AS Physical Therapist Asst
Gillian M Sarjeant  AS Nursing EH
George C Scott  AS Accounting EH
Cordelia I Scudder  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed
Xylia P Shellman  AS Human Services EH
Jamie  Sinbandith AS Bus Adm: Human Resource Mgmt
Jennifer A Smith  AS Criminal Justice
Frances O Smith  AS Human Services EH
Lisa M Sneed  AS Bus Adm: Management
Honer  Sofi  AS General Studies
Jessica L Spadaccino AA LAS: Journalism/Comm EH
Michelle  Suarez  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Myrta  Talavera  AS Human Services EH
Gisselle  Tapias  AS Occupational Therapy Asst
Yaneshka  Tarraza  CERT BOT: Word Info Proc; CERT PC Applications
Nicole  Teixeira  AS BOT: Executive Asst
Lloyd G Thomas Jr. AS Accounting
Sheila J Thompkins AS General Studies
Tamara J Thompson AS Bus Adm: Finance
Jacqueline N Truong  AS Bus Adm: General EH
Deborah M Turnbull  AS Bus Adm: Management
Adela P Turtillien  AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Henrietta N Vandi  AS General Studies
Jose A Vazquez  AS Criminal Justice
Yahaira  Vazquez  AS Human Services
Kaccy I Vazquez-Seyal AS Early Childhood Ed
Wilfredo  Vega  AS Accounting
Luz M Velazquez AS General Studies
Miladys  Velez  AS General Studies
Gabriela R Vera  AS Human Services EH
Dina M Vieira  AS Early Childhood Ed
Brenda M Walker  AS Bus Adm: General
Rita C Walker  CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Annya S White  AS Bus Adm: General EH
Gerry M Whitted  AA LAS: Journalism/Comm
Nadia Y Williams  AS Accounting
Erica D Williams  AS General Studies
Dawn P Wilson  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed
Tasha D Younger  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed EH
Kirsten  Zinser  AS General Studies
New York City
Jeffrey J Philp  AS General Studies
Robin J Schilb  AS Criminal Justice
Erica L Barraza  AS Accounting
Michael J Lamonaca CERT PC Repair Technology
Josette A Mikan-Millet CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Kimberly M Ostrich  AS Bus Adm: General
Laura A Palaia  AS Early Childhood Ed; CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
AnneMarie A Bethel  AS Occupational Therapy Asst EH
Amy J Amedy  AS General Studies EVHH
Elizabeth A Goerg  AS General Studies EH
Michael J Helman  AS General Studies
Leslie  Amador  AS Accounting
Rachel A Beach  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed
Jan  Brezovsky AS Physical Therapist Asst EH
Caroline N Carrier  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EHI
Orrie L Duncan  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed
Vivian A Duncan  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed EHI
Susan E Faass-Sayour AS General Studies
Vjollca  Fejzaj  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Kyleigh V Hacker  AS General Studies
Erin P Hanrahan  AS General Studies
Veronika  Horvath  CERT BOT: Admin Support Asst-CT
Anna M Kicska  AS General Studies EHI
Patrice A Klein  AS Nursing
Tess R Kristy  AS General Studies EHI
Ashley E Laufer  AS General Studies EH
Lonny A McGee  AS Criminal Justice
Amy L Nassef  AA Theater Arts EH
Phong T Nguyen  AS Bus Adm: General
Benny M Palmieri  AS Bus Adm: General
Peter F Podlecki  CERT Accounting-CT; CERT Technical Web Site Design
Vandana R Sahay  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Nosheen U Seyal  AS Bus Adm: General
Waqas Seyal, AS, Bus Admin: Cust Srvc/Mktg
Kaitlyn T Shake  AS General Studies
Miglena N Grozev  AS Bus Adm: General EHI
Cheryl L Gans  AS Nursing EH
Kristy L Tall  AS Graphic Design
Houma, LA
Penny A DeFeo  AS General Studies
Sadia  Ali  AS Criminal Justice
Christa F Barbin  AS Early Childhood Ed
Christopher M Berry  AS Graphic Design
Margarita G Brown  AA LAS: Journalism/Comm
Nicole D Catalano  AS Human Services EH
Ashley N Collins  AS Early Childhood Ed
Matthew  Coriano  CERT PC Repair Technology
Sandra B Da Silva  AS Accounting EH
Adrianne M Davignon  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Semone S Davis  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Lorraine H Dean  AS General Studies
Arnold  DeVera  AS Accounting EH
Jean A Fabish  AS Physical Therapist Asst
Stephanie N Heisler  CERT Technical Web Site Design
Alida  Martinez  AS General Studies
Alicia K Mraz  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Thomas  Natowski  AS Accounting EHI; AS Bus Adm: General EHI
Daniel A Perrone  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Kristine L Perry  AS General Studies EVHH
Richard J Presner  AS Bus Adm: General EH
Michael M Roche  AS General Studies
Janet P Samelwich AS Bus Adm: Finance EH
Meagan M Sanders  AS General Studies
Kevin C Seese  AS Graphic Design: Comp Graphics
Allison T Shannon  AS General Studies
Cara L Szekeres  AS Human Services
Tracy L Toros  AS Occupational Therapy Asst EVHH
Laura A Tremblay  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed EH
Robert W Vieira  AS Accounting EVHH
David G Woodford  AS Physical Therapist Asst
Katherine A Bradley  AS General Studies
Susan V Ciardi  AS Nursing EH
Brian C Cooper  AS Accounting
Mark A Cranford  AA Fine Arts: Art EH
Diana  DaSilva  AS Accounting
Dawn  Diaz  AS General Studies
Nicholas  Ferrigno  AS Criminal Justice
Andrea D Hill  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci; AS General Studies
Susan J Kish  AS Human Services EH
Franca G Kurzela  AS Bus Adm: General
Carmen M Lopez  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Helena G Moreno  AS General Studies
Joy  Moutsis  AS Bus Adm: General EH
Ashley A Tomchik  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed
Debbie S Trump  AS Accounting EVHH
Alexis  Zeko  AS Human Services EH
Erica C Loso  AS General Studies EH
Timothy A Thornton  AS Human Services EH
New Britain
Suzanna  Bilek  AS Criminal Justice EHI
Jennifer  Barocsi  AS General Studies EH
North Haven
Becky L Hermann  AS Occupational Therapy Asst EHI
Tara J Smith  AS Occupational Therapy Asst EVHH
Mario E Velez  AS Graphic Design EH
Crystal L Wright  AS General Studies
Tomasz  Karbowski AS Criminal Justice
Jose Andres Lopez  AS General Studies
Justin  Rainho  AS Criminal Justice
Bahsan S Ahmed  AS Occupational Therapy Asst
Robyn E Holly  AS Occupational Therapy Asst
Joe  Mejia  AS Human Services EH
Jacqueline C Babin  AS General Studies EHI
Johnathan M Belanger  AS Bus Adm: General
LaDeira K Bennett  AS General Studies; CERT Criminal Investigation-CT
Natalie M Bomba  AS Criminal Justice
Melissa F Brien  AS Bus Adm: General
Brendan P Carey  AS General Studies
Christine F Defrancesco AS Nursing
Christopher J DiCenzo  AS Computer Information Systems; CERT PC Repair    Technology
Kyle J Durkota  AS General Studies EH
Thomas G Evans  AS General Studies EH
Claudia E Flores  AS Early Childhood Ed
Stephanie M Gaspar  AS Early Childhood Ed
Jessica L Gold  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed
Jennifer L Hunter  AS Bus Adm: Finance EH
Branden K Johnson  AS Bus Adm: Finance
Cameron J Liggins  AS General Studies
Jeffrey C Lobo  AS General Studies
Beth  Lopez  AS General Studies EHI
Linda M Mizak  AS Nursing EVHH
Lynette C Pacenti  AS Accounting Asst EVHH
Nuno A Pipa  AS General Studies
Natalia  Prusik  AS Bus Adm: Management EH
Tinamarie A Ramos  AS General Studies
Jessica L Reis  AS General Studies
Alicia M Rich  AS General Studies
Allison R Russell  AA LAS: Journalism/Comm EH
Nicholas A Sabo  AS General Studies EVHH
Daophet  Sangxayarath AS Bus Adm: General
Joshua M Takacs  AS Bus Adm: General
Erin C Veronesi  AS Early Childhood Ed
Reginald  Bernard  AS Accounting
Jennifer M Sandoval  AS Occupational Therapy Asst EH
Margie E Acevedo  AS Criminal Justice
Alaa  Akach  AS General Studies
Dawn M Akerson  AS Criminal Justice
Raheela M Ali  AS Accounting EH
Shana D Alves  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Ahmed Abdul Alwan  AS General Studies
Michael J Anzaldi  AS General Studies
David J Aquilino  AS Graphic Design EHI
Mark E Becker  AS Graphic Design: Comp Graphics EHI
Alexandra M Bietsch  AS Bus Adm: General
Tamara E Breedy  AS Bus Adm: General
Richard P Brown  Sr. AS Bus Adm: Management
Russell  Burgos  AS Computer Information Systems
Christine M Byrne  AS Criminal Justice
Pedro J Calo  AS Criminal Justice
Barbara A Campbell  AS General Studies
Diana C Carson  AS Criminal Justice EH
Amanda L Castellucci AS Accounting
Christopher M Catalano  AS Criminal Justice
Matthew J Chop  AA Fine Arts: Art
Jay P Cross  AS General Studies EH
Christopher Cruz  AS General Studies
Sangeet S Dharamsey AS Bus Adm: Finance EH
Daryl A Dicamillo  AS General Studies
John  Diedrichsen AS General Studies
Jayne L Drury  CERT Accounting-CT
Lisa M Fawver  AS General Studies
June L Gombas  AS Nursing EH
Carol A Haines  CERT Web Design - Technology CT
Ranese B Harden  AS Early Childhood Ed
Elizabeth M Heath  AS Bus Adm: Human Resource Mgmt EVHH
Lissette E Hernandez AS Criminal Justice
Alex  Isaac  CERT Technical Web Site Design
Robin J Jopp  AA Fine Arts: Art EVHH
Andrew J Kaminski  AS, Computer Information Systems, EH; CERT PC Repair Technology; CERT Technical Web Site Design
William W Kwok  AA LAS: Pre-Environmental Sci EH
John A Laskowski AS Computer Information Systems; CERT PC Repair Technology
David R Mancini  AS Computer Information Systems
Angela L Martin  AS General Studies
Alleana A Martinez  AS Early Childhood Ed
Michael R Mazzarella AS General Studies
Kelly E McCormack AS General Studies
Maritza  Montanez  AS Human Services
Delmi X Palma  AS General Studies
Scott K Palmer  CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Daniel  Pawilcz  AS Criminal Justice
Daniel L Pedraza  AS Accounting
Gonzalo A Perez  AS General Studies
Nyla W Petrahai  AS Nursing EVHH
Shane A Pucci  AS Criminal Justice
Marcellina V Rearden  AS General Studies
Barbara J Regensburger AS General Studies
Aileen A Rodriguez  AS General Studies
Charlene A Rubertino  AS Accounting EH
Debra R Scheck  AS Accounting EHI
Suprena O Shuler  AS Human Services
Erica M Skapley  AS Early Childhood Ed
Keris M Summerville AS Criminal Justice
Tiffany L Teixeira  AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Katelen  Telesha  AS Nursing
Shikoya N Thompson AS Human Services
Jennie L Trovarelli  AS Early Childhood Ed EHI
Pierre R Ulysse  AS Accounting EHI
Deborah L Underhill  CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Terrie  Walker  CERT Early Childhood Ed-CT
Shamar J Young  AS Human Services
Stephanie L Birmingham CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Nicolina M Butcaris  AS General Studies EHI
Alex J Convertito  AS General Studies EH
Scott S D'Angelo  AS Accounting EHI
Dominick S Diemunsch AS General Studies
Pedro M Fontes  AS Bus Adm: General
Linda E Grosso  AS Occupational Therapy Asst EH
Amanda M Kaminski  AS Bus Adm: Customer Srvc/Mktg EH
Karen A Kasparek  AS Bus Adm: General
Michael  Kelly  AS Bus Adm: General
Gregory  Kendall  AS Criminal Justice
Jocelyn E Marrero  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci
Eaman  Nassar  AS General Studies EHI
Myhanh T Nguyen  AS Accounting EHI
Michael  Paoletti  CERT HS: Behav Hlthcare Spec I-CT
Gary J Pugliese  AS General Studies
Marilyn M Rosado  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EHI
Cindy J Sledz  AS Early Childhood: Spec Ed EVHH
Thomas J Taylor  AS General Studies
Matthew O Washington AS Bus Adm: General
Tulsa, OK
Ifeoma A Morrison  AS General Studies
Kanjinga C Tshilenge  AS General Studies
Jeremiah  DeSanti III  AS Graphic Design
Kathryn M Bellows  AS Occupational Therapy Asst EVHH
Pasterant M Hill  AS General Studies
Kelly A Sarracco  AS Nursing EHI
West Haven
Cassius M Sincere  AS Bus Adm: General
Rasheena K Smith  AS General Studies
Luisa  Giammarco AS Early Childhood Ed EH
Laura M Belair  AA LAS: Hum/Behav & Social Sci EH
Wanda M Moore  AS General Studies
Woonsocket, RI
Makie Savage  AS Bus Adm: Finance EHI