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HCC Students to Fund Student Scholarship

Paul Antinozzi, President of the Housatonic Community College Foundation, has announced that HCC students have established a “Pay it Forward” scholarship. This award will be completely funded by HCC students.

The announcement was made at the recent Alumni Hall of Fame Gala held at HCC. At the event, alumni John L. Evanich, Jr., Charlene Labate Santoro, and Mary Ann Vlahac were inducted into the Distinguished Hall of Fame.

The Pay it Forward scholarship campaign will take place from February 8 – 18, 2010,  when HCC students will have the opportunity to contribute as little as $1 toward a full-year scholarship that will be awarded to an incoming student in the fall. Annual tuition at HCC is $3,200. Current enrollment is 5, 609.

Antinozzi says, “This scholarship has very special meaning because finances are an issue for many of our students. For them to reach out to help other students emphasizes how important they regard education.”

The students pictured participated in the Gala. Belletzkie is Fairfield resident. The remaining students live in Bridgeport.

Funds raised at the Gala will support scholarships awarded by the Foundation to eligible HCC students. Gala sponsors were People’s United Bank, Connecticut Post, and The Bannow Larson Foundation.

Gala Students

From the left, HCC Registrar Office Assistant, Carmen Medina.
HCC students, standing, from the left Pierre-Richard Bercy, Michael Belletzkie, Ernest Johnson, Kirk Wesley, Kaori Phillips, and Van Cao. Absent from photo, Gina Corella. Photo by Harold Shapiro.