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Donna Pfrommer 203-339-6312 (United Way of Coastal Fairfield County Public Relations)

United Way of Coastal Fairfield County Supports HCC Early Childhood Lab School Program
Small Grants Program Assists Bring Learning Outdoors Initiative

Paul Antonozzi, President of the Housatonic Community College Foundation Board of Directors, has announced that United Way of Coastal Fairfield County has given $2,000, part of its Small Grants program, to the Housatonic Community College Early Childhood Laboratory School. The grant will help fund the formation of a program, Bring Learning Outdoors, which is designed to create a high quality outdoor learning environment that is an extension of the inside classroom.

The program meets the target issue of the grantor in helping children achieve their potential. It will provide pre-school age children in the Lab School with the learning that will enable them to enter school developmentally on track in many areas including language, social and emotional skills with a focus on science and mathematics.

The funds will purchase equipment designed for outdoor use and study, such as raised planters, a rain gauge, solar thermometer, etc. Tools and other materials will also be included. The program will also participate with the Connecticut Audubon Society programs and will include trips to the Audubon Society site in Fairfield as well as additional learning materials provided by the Society.

Paul Antinozzi says, “This grant meets the goals of the Housatonic Early Childhood Lab School in preparing our under 5 year-old students with the learning environment and materials they need to begin their formal schooling developmentally ready. Our aim is that all the children in the Lab School are provided with the learning skills and background they need to succeed and excel throughout their education.”

Merle Berke-Schlessel, Esq, President and CEO of United Way of Coastal Fairfield County, says, “We are delighted to support the HCC Early Childhood Lab School and the work of the HCC Foundation. The Bring Learning Outdoors complements our work that focuses on academic achievement and we look forward to the results of this innovative program.”

For more information, contact the HCC Early Childhood Lab School Director Heidi Szobota at 203-332-5030 or the website at