BRIDGEPORT --Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport this semester is offering some 60 degree and certificate programs that prepare students for careers after graduation, or to transfer to a four-year college or university.

 New to Fall semester students are a Pathway to Teaching Careers associate degree program as well as in Accounting for Small Business degree and certificate programs. In addition, a Psychology Transfer Concentration is available to students enrolled in the Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities/Behavioral & Social Sciences Concentration.

Other  programs include:

  • Business Administration. As companies are challenged in an increasingly global marketplace, those that have a highly trained workforce conversant with the latest technology and business practices will gain the competitive edge. HCC’s business programs, including those in business office technology that are listed below, can give students the education and training in these areas. The Business Administration program provides the student with the basic general business knowledge necessary for the start of a business career. Options are available in Customer Service/Marketing, Finance, Global Business, Management, Human Resource Management, and Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship Option. Certificates are available in Customer Service/Marketing and Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship.
  • Business Office Technology. HCC’s two-year Executive Assistant degree program, which is more managerial than secretarial, can lead to jobs paying $30,000-$40,000 per year. Other HCC business office technology options include the Word/Information Processing Specialist associate degree program, the Word/Information Processor certificate program, and the Administrative Support Assistant program.
  • Computer Information Systems. A good computer information systems program should offer you a blend of the practical and the academic. It should include technical courses that prepare you for jobs in the field, as well as academic courses that can serve as a foundation for a four-year degree. Students who continue towards a four-year degree will find themselves in a booming job market after graduation. While earning an associate degree, a student can also earn a certificate in related specialties, which can help them obtain temporary or part-time jobs while they continue their education. Related certificates include Network Administrator, PC Applications, Personal Computer Repair Technology and Web Design Technology.
  • Accounting. This program provides students with basic accounting knowledge necessary for an entry-level position in that area. Accounting for Small Business Management and Accounting Assistant options are also available, as are certificates in Accounting and Accounting for Small Business.
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant. Housatonic Community College offers the only OTA program in southern Connecticut. The aging of the population, fed by the first wave of Baby Boomers approaching retirement, ensures that the need for OTAs will increase over the years. OTAs can make $48,000 per year right out of college.
  • Human Services. These are called the helping professions. They are for people who enjoy helping others through the fields of counseling rehabilitation, mental health and social work. The federal Department of Health and Human Services is the country’s largest employer of health services professionals and the largest chunk of the state’s budget goes to health and human services. For this reason, human services professionals are in demand. Many human services majors are like star basketball players: They get hired even before they graduate. HCC offers certificate programs in Children and Youth Mental Health, Disabilities Specialist, and two Behavioral Health Care tracks.
  • Theater Arts. A good theater arts program should prepare you for the next step in your theatrical career, whether it’s onstage or backstage. For aspiring actors, it should offer training in physical and vocal expression, script analysis, and understanding how to create your character within the director's vision. For those who prefer working behind the scenes, it should offer courses in areas such as directing and stagecraft.  HCC’s program fills this bill.
  • Technology Studies: Industrial Technology Option. Connecticut manufacturers are having difficulty finding people to fill critical positions in their firms, particularly tool and die makers, CNC programmers, engineers, CAD/CAM workers, and plant managers. The demand for these types of people is expected to continue. HCC’s Industrial Technology program was created to help meet this need.
Other degree programs include: Aviation Maintenance; Banking; College of Technology Pathway Program: Engineering Science, Technology Studies, and Technology Studies: Electrical Option; Criminal Justice; Early Childhood Education;  Early Childhood Education: Special Education; Fine Arts: Art Option; General Studies; Graphic Design; Graphic Design: Multi Media Option; Liberal Arts & Sciences: Computer Science, Humanities/Behavioral & Social Sciences, Journalism/Communications, Mathematics/Science, Pre-Engineering Science and Pre-Environmental Science and Psychology Transfer; Nursing; and Physical Therapist.

Certificate programs include Retail Banking, Computer Information: Network Administrator, PC Applications, Personal Computer Repair Technology, and Web Design Technology; Criminal Justice: Corrections, Criminal Investigation, Police Management and Administration, and Security Operations; Early Childhood Education; Early Childhood Education: Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) and Infant/Toddler certificate; ESL: Advanced English Proficiency; Graphic Design, Web Design Graphics Foundation; Health Career Pathways, and Math/Science: Electrical.

HCC offers several transfer programs, which include UCONN Stamford/Waterbury Transfer program, the Engineering Pathways program (Fairfield University), and the Pathways to Teaching Careers program. For more information about courses and programs, visit our website at www.hcc.commnet.edu.

Registration for the Fall semester is going on now. Students who wish to attend may register in person (M-F, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) through Aug. 27; by fax, mail, or dropping off a registration form and payment information in the drop box in Lafayette Hall through Aug. 23, or online at myCommNet through Sept. 3. They may also attend formal late registration sessions, which will be held Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2:30 - 6:30 p.m.; Wednesday, Aug. 25, and 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; and Thursday, Aug. 26, 2:30 - 6:30 p.m. A special registration session for senior citizens and high school partnership students will be held Friday, Aug. 27, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Classes start Monday, Aug. 30. For more information, contact Admissions at 203-332-5100 or the Registrar’s Office at 203-332-5088.