HCC students break out of shell to create art

December 5, 2010

By Amanda Cuda Staff Writer, CT Post

BRIDGEPORT — Even when Kristina Kyoryosh is alone, she’s not alone.

Kyoryosh, who lives in Trumbull, is a Housa tonic Community College student who works in the school’s student activities office. Recently, she’s had company in the office, in form of several life size, otherworldly sculptures.

The figures were cre ated by students in a sculpture class, taught by adjunct professor Su zan Shutan. Shutan had students wrap each other in clear packaging tape.

The tape created a “shell” around the students, who were then cut out of the shell. Once they were re leased, the shells were taped back together, re sulting in some eerie art work.

The pieces dotting the activities room include a female figure decorated in splashes of pink, a sculp ture of reclining woman holding a baby, and oth ers. Kyoryosh said, for being made of tape, the sculptures are surpris ingly lifelike — perhaps too much so. “ I just have a feeling that one of them is going to start talking to me,” she said.

This is the first time the students have made figures from tape, Shutan said. She said she’d seen pieces like this before and loved the way they looked. “It is really fascinating,” Shutan said. “It looks a lot like fiberglass.”

She said she likes hav ing students make art out of everyday materi als.

For a previous proj ect, they made sculptures from wooden coffee stir rers. Given her interest in creating art from the ordi nary, wrapping tape sculp tures were a natural for a class project. “ I thought ‘ I’m just going to try it,” Shutan said. The pieces are on dis play in both the student activities office and a nearby game room. Shu tan said three of the tape sculptures are part of an exhibit of student art at the John Slade Ely House Center for Contemporary Art in New Haven.

Pieces being shown at the college include one by Tunisia Alesia Cor ley, a second year art student and New Haven resident. It’s a sculpture of her, playing a bass gui tar. Corley said she now loves the idea of creat ing art through wrapping, and has taken on similar projects outside of her art class. “ I wrapped a stuffed animal and filled it with candy so it looks like a piggy bank,” she said.

Meanwhile, the pieces are creating a stir among though passing through the activities office and the game room, including Steven Jean-Baptiste, an HCC student from Bridge port. Jean-Baptiste is pres ident of the school’s music club, and spends a lot of time in the activities of fice. During his visits, he’s enjoyed looking at the art exhibit. “ I’ve never seen anything like this,” Jean-Baptiste said. “ It freaked a lot of people out.”

The tape pieces are on display in the student ac tivities office, Room 317C, Beacon Hall, at Housa tonic Community Col lege, 900 Lafayette Blvd.

The pieces will be exhibited through Dec. 13.

In a sculpture class, students wrapped each other in clear packaging tape. The tape created a “shell” around the students, who were then cut out of the shell. Once they were released, the shells were taped back together, resulting in some eerie artwork.