Sept. 21, 2012

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Milford Student Sees Family Tradition In New HCC Manufacturing Program
Great Grandfather Founded Moore Specialty Tool

Eyes Starting Manufacturing Business

Hayes Moore
BRIDGEPORT- For 15-year-old Hayes Moore of Milford, Housatonic Community College’s new Advanced Manufacturing Program looks like the answer to a dream … and the way to carry on a family tradition.

In 1924, Moore’s great grandfather Richard founded the Bridgeport-based Moore Specialty Tool Company, which is still in business today. The love of machining was passed down to Hayes and his two brothers, Russell and Wade.

“I’ve been around it all my life,” Moore said. “My parents knew a lot of people who were into machinery and I always liked it: I used to fix things like go-karts, dirt bikes, and even Mustangs. I like to work with my hands and make things, fix things.”
The Advanced Manufacturing Program will prepare students like Moore for advanced manufacturing positions that include machine operator, CNC (Computer Numeric Control) operator, CNC programmer, assembler, and Quality Control inspector that can pay in the $15-$20 per-hour range. Jobs will be awaiting them when they graduate.

“Manufacturing in the area and the nation is leading economic growth,” said Bill Griffin, HCC’s academic coordinator, who spearheaded the drive for the college’s new Regional Advanced Manufacturing Center and the program. “Through the application of state-of-the-art technology, manufacturers are more competitive, but they need to hire more workers with advanced manufacturing skills. HCC’s new manufacturing program is designed to meet this industry need.”

The year-long program, which requires a 35-hour-per-week commitment from students, will lead to two certificates, a basic manufacturing certificate and an advanced manufacturing certificate. Both certificate tracks are financial-aid eligible.
The 16-credit basic manufacturing certificate courses will be offered during the Fall semester while the 18-credit advanced manufacturing courses will be offered in the Spring. One block of fall classes is already underway, while a second begins October 1.

The manufacturing center will be funded in part by HCC’s share of a $17.8 million grant funded by state legislature. A manufacturing lab and engineering/design studio are being built to support the college’s credit and non-credit manufacturing programs.

Moore feels the HCC program is starting just in time for his plans. His brother Wade will be graduating from UCONN next year with a degree in mechanical engineering, the same time he will be wrapping up the manufacturing program. Together they hope to carry on the family tradition and start a manufacturing business in the Bridgeport, and be joined by brother Russell, a Housatonic graduate, when he finishes a hitch in the Army.

Moore, who was among those who began the program Aug. 29, is enthusiastic about the program. “It’s a great program,” he said. I can’t believe I got into it. It’s awesome.”

Moore’s educational choice was music to the ears of his grandfather Wayne, author of the classic engineering text Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy. He was very proud when he heard that not only was Housatonic setting up a great manufacturing educational system, but that I was involved with it as a student.”

“I am thrilled to have an opportunity to experience at fifteen years old the same processes that my grandfather learned at the same age in the same city,” he said. “My grandfather told me that Bridgeport whirred with the sound of machinery when he walked its streets. Maybe someday soon that will happen again.”

Students interested in enrolling in the Oct. 1 block of Advanced Manufacturing Courses should contact Academic Coordinator Bill Griffin at 203-332-5056 or