For Immediate Release Contact: Robbin Zella

Housatonic Museum of Art Completes Heritage Preservation’s
Conservation Assessment Program

Bridgeport - Heritage Preservation is pleased to announce that the Housatonic Museum of Art has completed the 2012 Conservation Assessment Program (CAP). The Housatonic Museum of Art joins the 2,800 museums that have participated in CAP in its twenty-two year history of serving museums. Heritage Preservation’s CAP is supported through a cooperative agreement with the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services. CAP assists museums by providing funds for professional conservation specialists to identify the conservation needs of their collections and recommend ways to correctly improve collection conditions. Heritage Preservation’s President, Lawrence L. Reger, praised Housatonic Museum of Art for “making the vital work of caring for collections a priority of their institution, even in these challenging financial times, and helping ensure that they are available to present and future generations.”

CAP provided a general conservation assessment of the museum’s collections. Professional conservators spent two days surveying the site and three days preparing the comprehensive report that identified conservation priorities. The on-site consultation will enable the Housatonic Museum of Art to evaluate its current collections care policies, procedures and environmental conditions. The assessment report will help the museum make the appropriate improvements for the immediate, mid-range, and long-range care of their collections. The Housatonic Museum of Art expects to continue to advance the goals of the museum which includes preserving the collection for future generations of students from participating in CAP.

The Housatonic Museum of Art is located at 900 Lafayette Boulevard in Bridgeport and specializes in 19th, 20th and 21st century art.

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