Feb. 25, 2013

For more information, contact
Anson Smith at 203-332-5229

HCC Offering Free Workshops
For Aspiring Actors

Open to Public

BRIDGEPORT - The Housatonic Community College Theater Arts department is offering a series of three workshops for the aspiring actor.

The workshops will offer attendees information critical to tackling the very challenging entertainment industry. This is generic information that is applicable to entering just about any career in any field.

The sessions are as follows:

  • Thursday, Feb. 28. “The Entrepreneur.” This workshop will offer information about defining goals, large and small scale, and putting those dreams and passions into achievable goals through active steps. This piece of the puzzle allows the student to define success in professional and personal life.
  • Tuesday, March 5. “Branding.” This will address the piece of the career plan that 95 percent of actors leave out. They move to New York, LA, etc., knowing one thing: They need a headshot and resume. They begin marketing before they know what they are marketing. They spend a lot of time and money making choices that will affect their success before they actually know what they are selling. Branding is the foundation of all our marketing. Brand is essence, who you are at your core, the energy that you carry with you and it’s important to know how you’re perceived as in life and art.
  • Thursday, April 11. “Marketing.” Once you’ve defined your Brand, you must market with consistency. Every piece of marketing material must have specific reason, purpose, and strategy behind it – from your font choice on your resume to the clothes in your headshot to the tone of your cover letters. All your marketing materials need to be reflective of Brand. How? Packaging. Marketing includes audition material, a headshot, a resume, targeted mailings, cover letters, postcards, business cards, thank-you cards, press kit, websites, reels, etc. A marketing strategy makes you proactive, not reactive.

The workshops will be held 2:00 - 3:20 p.m. in the Lafayette Hall Performing Arts Center. They are free and open to the public.