Aug. 29, 2013

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HCC Webmaster Gears Up
For Sept. Fitness Walkathon

Finished 4th last year

Walked 1 Million Steps

BRIDGEPORT ‑ When the United Healthcare fitness walkathon gets underway here Sept. 16, last year’s fourth-place finisher Rich Hubbard will once again step up to the challenge.

Hubbard, a Housatonic Community College webmaster who hails from Torrington, stepped into fourth place in last-year’s event by logging over a million steps. This year, he hopes to place even higher.

“For me, fitness is a matter of life and health,” says Hubbard, who turned to fitness challenges like this as a way to lose weight. “Thirteen months ago, with the state’s employee health enhancement program about to start, I went to my doctor for a checkup. He told me I had to lose 120 pounds.”

Hubbard pursued that goal with a vengeance. He joined two wellness challenges at the Torrington YMCA, in addition to last year’s United Healthcare event. “I also changed my diet completely,” Hubbard said. “I cut down on sodium – I almost had to go on blood pressure medicine ‑ and a lot of sugars, and I started eating a lot of fruit and vegetables.”

The end result? He dropped 133 pounds.

In the process, he became a fitness believer. A year ago, he took over a Housatonic newsletter, adding a strong health and wellness section. Along with a friend, he established a health-and-wellness blog,, to help spread the word about fitness.

Most recently, he quarterbacked the development of a health and wellness course that will start in September at HCC. The six-week course, developed in partnership with the Bridgeport YMCA, Bridgeport Hospital, and The Kim Benson Weight-loss Center, aims to help people improve their health through such things as nutrition, weight loss, diabetes prevention and control, strength training, and exercise.

During the Fitness Challenge, which runs Sept. 16-Nov.10, Hubbard will be joined by a team of colleagues that includes HCC President Anita T. Gliniecki of Monroe. He’s ready for the challenge.

“I already walk 10,000 steps each day,” he said. “But I’ll increase it to 12,000 to15,000 during the challenge. Hopefully, this will help me step up to a higher finish.”

For more information about the Fitness Challenge, visit or contact Karen Delvecchio (203-212-9316, or Jocelyn Paoletta (475-282-3579,