March 13 2014

HCC Student’s Play
To Be Staged 3/29 in New Haven

Previously Performed in Bridgeport

Playwright is Hillhouse Alumna

NEW HAVEN - Broken Promises, a play by Housatonic Community College student and New Haven native Tammie V. Smith, will be staged Saturday, March 29 at Hillhouse High School.

The play centers around two siblings who are preparing to enter a dance competition and run into a variety of obstacles along the way. They confront these obstacles, which drives the play toward its surprise ending.

“The play is about chasing your dreams,” said Smith, a 1987 Hillhouse graduate. “It’s about playing the cards life deals you, no matter what they are.”

The play, which will be performed by HCC students and members of the general public, was staged at HCC twice in November. Smith, a Human Services major, said she’s bringing the play to New Haven “to go back to my roots.”

This is the second production Smith has staged. A year ago, her play Grandma’s Alley was performed at HCC. That play was a tale of tests, trials and triumphs that show how love, care, and concern can help families cope with issues that include domestic violence and mental, physical and verbal abuse.

Broken Promises will be staged at 6 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. For advance tickets, call Smith (203-212-0304), Renie Love (203-218-7519) or Damion Thompson.

Hillhouse is located at480 Sherman Parkway.