April 27, 2015

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Author To Chat with HCC Lab School Children
While Camera Rolls

Tues, 4/28, 9 a.m.

Children’ s author Marianne Haug Gjersvik will discuss her book Green Fun: Plants as Play with Housatonic Community College Early Childhood Laboratory School Children Tuesday, April 28, while film maker David Gaynes records their interaction for his next film. Gaynes’ latest project "Next Year Jerusalem" was featured as one of seven "must-see" films at the 2013 Sarasota Film Festival: http://nextyearjerusalemmovie.com/trailer/. The pair will visit the lab school 9 a.m. The lab school has been described by President Clinton as “what every child in America needs.” The school is located in Lafayette Hall, to the right of the Broad Street entrance.