September 8, 2016

For immediate release

Contact: Esther Watstein 203-332-5226

ITT Students Can Contact Housatonic Community College

This week’s closure on Sept. 6 of ITT for-profit technical schools across the country has resulted in thousands of dis-placed students. While there were no ITT schools in Conn., two schools operated in Mass; one in Norwood and one in Wilmington and hundreds of additional students worked and studied online.

HCC President Paul Broadie has offered that any former ITT students should contact HCC Admissions Director Earl Graham at 203-332-5290 for information as to how they might continue their education at Housatonic.

HCC offers a full roster of related degree and certificate programs, including certificates in Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Electrical, Computer Applications, Web Design, and others. Degree programs include those in Computer Information Systems, Medical Assisting, Nursing and Engineering.

President Broadie says, “This is an unfortunate event for ITT students across the country and we will do our best to help out in any way we can. Our doors are open to those students wishing to continue their education.”