September 21, 2016

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New Head of Continuing and Professional Education at Housatonic Community College

John Bonaguro

HCC President Paul Broadie has announced that Dr. John Bonaguro has been appointed Associate Dean of Continuing and Professional Education at the college.

Dr. Bonaguro most recently served as the inaugural Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at Western Kentucky University (WKU) in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He has worked closely with business and healthcare organizations in developing academic programs to meet workforce needs. His wide experience in higher education spans over 30 years including work at Ohio University, Ithaca College and WKU. He has instituted new degree programs including those in online learning. His has engaged actively in fund-raising activities and upper level management and administration.

Dr. Bonaguro has a doctorate in Health Education from the University of Oregon with a second emphasis in Community Service and Public Affairs. His M.S. and B.S. are from Southern Illinois University. He has published many scholarly articles and served as President of Kentucky Organ Donors Affiliates (KODA) and the Foundation for the Advancement of Health Education (FAHE).

President Broadie says, “We are very fortunate to have Dr. Bonaguro join us in the capacity of Associate Dean of Continuing and Professional Education. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our educational services having broad public outreach. We welcome him and look forward to the innovation he will bring to the college.”