October 13, 2016

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Contact: Esther Watstein 203-332-5226
Emma Tecunt203-332-8507

Housatonic Community College Invites Alumni Stories as for Inclusion in 50th Anniversary

2017 will officially mark 50 years since Housatonic Community College opened its doors as an independent college. To make HCC’s  50th anniversary memorable, the HCC Alumni Association is asking those who graduated from HCC’s first graduating class in 1968 through 2016 to contact the Housatonic Community College Foundation. The HCC Alumni Association is collecting stories of graduates. The stories might be reflections on their time spent at the college and stories about their lives after college. These stories will become a significant part of HCC’s 50th anniversary celebration.

The Alumni Association is also requesting that alumni send photos of themselves and classmates from when they were at HCC as well as current pictures. Please identify those in the pictures. These pictures may be showcased at the events which will take place honoring Housatonic’s 50th anniversary.

Stories and photos can be sent to Emma Tecun at etecun@housatonic.edu or through the website http://www.hcc.commnet.edu/HCCF/alumni/alumni submission.asp.

Contact Emma Tecun, Alumni Relations Coordinator at 203-332-8507, etecun@housatonic.edu for more information.

The Housatonic Alumni Association is an organization open to all those who have attended HCC at any time. The Association strives to connect and engage with alumni by advising them of activities and developments at the college, by providing opportunities to form beneficial networks, and by creating the means to assist the college to maintain its vital presence in the Greater Bridgeport area.